Showsight April 2023

Radost Borzoi® & Menigma Borzoi are so grateful to all the Judges who have awarded these Top 3 Borzoi their amazing wins. Lynda and Sue are beyond thrilled to announce as of the last 30+/- years, pending UK Magistracy’s complete and current records, Dustin is in the Top 3!

DOB: September 22, 2019 Owners: Ms. Susan Pinkerton (Menigma Borzoi) & Lynda Cattoni Sarman (Radost Borzoi®) Breeder: Jean Clare (Ryazan Borzoi) THIS YEAR, 2023 CRUFTS CC WINNER WAS DUSTIN’S SON “RORY,” expertly handled by Sue’s gorgeous daughter Katie Pinkerton. They both captured the heart of the Judge, and Rory was awarded BOB! Daddy Dustin was awarded the RCC by the hon- orable Breeder/Judge Mrs. Lorraine Marchant (Starborough Borzoi)! We were beyond hon- ored and are so grateful, as this CC completed Rory’s UK CH title, pending UKC approvall! RYAZAN VICEROY OF RADOST AT MENIGMA “RORY” UK CH Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma, ShCM, ShCEx x UK Ch. Ryazan Juliet (Juliet)

UK CH COLHUGH CAMINICKERS “NICKY” DOB: March 2, 1981 Breeder and Owner: Mr. R. A. Bassett of Colhugh Borzoi Number One Borzoi Record Holder in the UK Magistracy (as far as 30+ years ago) for Number of CCs (Challenge Certificates) Obtained 41 CCs in Her Career UK CH STARBOROUGH GORSE AT REDBANNER “GUS” DOB: August 17, 1992 Owner: the late Mrs. Julie Stevens-Smith | Breeder: Mrs. Lorraine Marchant Number Two Borzoi Record Holder in the UK Magistracy (as far as 30+ years ago) for number of CCs (Challenge Certificates) Obtained 33 CCs in His Career



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