Showsight April 2023


When did you start showing in the USA, and how did that come about? Although I was living in Brazil, I had been to the USA to show dogs of other breeds at such events as the AKC National, Potomac, and Westminster. My first Basset Hound that I showed in the USA was in 2009 at the AKC National Championship/Eukanuba Cup. Who were/are some of your most significant dogs, both in the whelping box and in the show ring? I have been very attached and hugely dedicated to the dogs I showed. I can highlight a list of dogs that stand out a lot, and name a few Bas- set Hounds in particular, but I respect everything all my other Bassets have done. I’ve been living with Bassets for more than 20 years now. MBIS MSBIS GCHS BR Lake Park Sullivan (Sullivan) • 104 Bests in Show in Brazil and the USA • Holds the all-time BIS Brazilian record for all breeds. • American Grand Champion Silver • Brazilian Grand Champion • No. 1 Basset in Brazil 2015, 2016 & 2019 • “Sullivan” has achieved the greatest number of Bests in Show won in Brazil to date, over all breeds. • Breeders/Owners: Mr. Leonir Bampi and Mrs. Luciana Bampi GCH Lomarol Hounds Akila (Chloe) • Westminster Best of Breed Winner, 2021 • Breeders/Owners: Mrs. Sandra Marques and Mr. Hugo Cuenca GCH Brave Basset Tracy • One of the finest females I have ever seen. Perfect movement. We won top ranking and some Bests in Show in Brazil. • Breeder: Tatiana Pagliane • Owner: Sonia Tacla MBIS MSBIS GCHS BR Lake Park Ethan • No. 1 Basset Hound, 2022 • Westminster Best of Breed Winner, 2022 • Only Basset Hound to win Best in Show in 2022 in the USA.

• Breeders: Leonir and Luciana Bampi • Owners: Claudio Cruz and Lisa Sarvas

• Co-Owners: Matthew Hass and Marcelo Leca GCH AM, CH ARG, GR BR Park Melody Apache • 20 Bests in Show • No. 1 Basset in Brazil • No. 3 Brazilian-Bred Dog, All Breeds • Breeder/Owner: Jorge Algusto Dias (In Memoriam)


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