Showsight April 2023

In this book, Roman The Wonder Dog, Roman tells his young readers about his years of personal experiences with Alaskan animals like the Black and Brown Bears, Red Fox, Dall Sheep, 18-foot tall Moose, and Caribou. Also, Roman excitedly tells his readers about hiking very high mountains, walking through breath-taking meadows and valleys, discovering unique Alaskan birds and flowers, and exploring a huge ice cave near Byron’s Glacier. See how great Roman stops a huge snowball like a great Soccer Goalie!!

This amazing book can now be found on the Archway Publishing website by logging onto https://www. By ordering on this website, your book can be shipped through the postal service, and shipping is free. However, the book would not be insured. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores are also available to purchase Roman The Wonder Dog.


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