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responsible breeders conduct a BAER hearing test on all their litters. The Dalmatian Club of America (DCA) places a strong emphasis on pre- serving the health of the Dalmatian. The DCA encourages all breeders to secure CHIC numbers for their breed- ing stock and offers generous cash bonuses to breeders of the National Spe- cialty Futurity winners whose sire and dam have their CHIC numbers. Through the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF), DCA partners with the AKC Canine Health Foundation to sponsor research into emerging health issues. Since it’s cre- ation in 1995, DCAF has funded nearly a half million dollars of health research projects. DCAF also sponsors the James W. Smith Memorial Health Clinics annually at the DCA National Specialty offering participants a convenient and economical way to complete health testing and pays the OFA submission fees for full litter submissions of BAER test results and full litter DNA blood samples for the CHIC DNA Database. There are more than 1,300 Dalmatians in that database available to genetic researchers worldwide. When you consider the Dalmatian— whether looking for your next breed or preparing for your next judging assign- ment—consider this uniquely spotted breed as a strikingly beautiful ancient dog built for endurance, capable of great athleticism, devoted to its people and eager to please.

*Portions within quotations are direct quotes from the AKC standard.


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