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THE VERSATILE CARDIGAN By Vivian Moran Member of the CWCCA JEC & AKC Delegate for the CWCCA

I f you could ask a Cardigan Welsh Corgi what he wanted to do today you might get a number of answers. Cardigans are a very versatile breed and they love almost any activity that gives them an opportunity to work with their owner. Th ey are comfortable in a city apartment, on a farm or in the suburbs so location does not dictate or limit activities. Cardigans compete in and excel at most AKC activities. Th is hardy little dwarf dog likes obedience and rally. He LOVES agility. (Cardigans placed 1st and 3rd in the 2014 4"-preferred NAC) Look for smiles on their faces whether going over a jump or twisting through those weave poles. Herding is their raison d’être .

Bred to drive livestock to market or clear the field of a neighbors cattle so his owners cattle can graze, the sturdy Cardigan of today can still be seen working on farms and ranches as well as competing at AKC herding trials. Cardigans also participate in tracking. It is just another facet of their ability to do almost anything. Some Car- digans are enjoying the new AKC Cours- ing Ability Test. After a quick chase of the lure, they happily return to their owner with a sense of accomplishment. Th e Barn Hunt test is also a place you might find a Cardigan. Th eir history as an all purpose farm dog makes them a perfect candidate. On those rainy days when everyone is lazy and just wants to ‘hang out,’ a Car- digan will be happy to lie at your feet or, preferably, next to you on the sofa.

In the Creek. Photo courtesy of Malia Hatley.

1 being “I can’t stand you” and 10 being “I need to sit on your head and lick you all night,” the Cardigan scores around 7. He wants to be in the same room with you, perhaps even on the same piece of furniture, but he is not a VELCRO® dog. He would like to go with you in the car, wherever you might be going, but he is not going to freak out and destroy your house if you leave him at home. We have kids, so it was important to us to find a family dog. Our Cardigans love children. One of our Cardigans comes to our block party every year where all the neighborhood kids run up to her and throw their arms around her. She loves it. At the end of the night you can always find her right in the middle of a pile of them. She enjoys sledding with them, too! I could go on, but hopefully I have been able to explain a few of the reasons that the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is so much more than just “the Corgi with a tail.” Th e Cardigan is an easy dog to live with and more entertaining than cable! One word of caution if you are consid- ering getting a Cardigan; they are like mittens, you don’t own just one!

Photos courtesy of Vivian Moran.

S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , M AY 2014 • 175

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