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5. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? No, not that are feared to threaten the breed as a whole. 6. Do you think the dogs you see in this breed are better now than they were when you first started judging? Why or why not? It varies; in general they are better, but sometimes you still shake you head and ask why this person feels the dog is worthy of a championship. 7. Your pet peeve in the show ring is…? Herding dogs MOVE, don’t just take them for a walk. We want to see true reach and drive, not racing, but a good speed that demonstrates the exhibits ability to move correctly. 8. What advice would you give a novice exhibitor? Find a successful breeder of quality dogs and then LIS- TEN and replicate. 9. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? My very first show as an exhibitor in 1982, the dog was placed on the table backwards. The judge was kind, did the examination and handed me a ribbon. We were hooked from there on. LEAH JAMES 1. Where do you live? What do you do “outside” of dogs? I live in Havana, Florida which is a suburb of Tallahas- see, Florida. This is north Florida and very different from southern parts of the State. I am retired so I can devote my life to my avocation. 2. How many years in dogs? Showing? Judging? I began in purebred dogs in 1962 and began showing in 1963. I started Judging in 1998. 3. Describe the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in three words.

A friend once commented that dogs were not our hobby, but our lifestyle. Deborah and I truly believe that is true as well. Our life centers around what show, seminars, specialties, matches, numerous kennel club meet-

ings, judges education or other dog-related event that is coming up on our calendar. Luckily, the family has succumbed to the idea that dogs are a priority in our lives and that we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the sport. As longtime dog lovers and admirers of purebred dogs, we made the leap into showing dogs in 1982. This is when we purchased and showed our first herding dog, a Cardi- gan Welsh Corgi. It has been passed about that if a person stays in dogs for five years, then they will probably be in the hobby for their life—it looks like we passed the mile- stone quite some time ago. We fly the Welsh flag above our dog show rig and welcome all to visit and make new friends. Now take ’em down and back! 1. Where do you live? What do you do “outside” of dogs? Near Erie Pennsylvania (snow belt of the snow belt). Dogs are all consuming in our lives. Most everything we do is related in some manner. We love it. 2. How many years in dogs? Showing? Judging? 34 years in dogs. Still exhibit regularly and have been judging for over 10 years. 3. Describe the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in three words. Low, sturdy, beautiful. 4. What to you is the ultimate hallmark of the breed? Outline, correct front.

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