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VIVIAN MORAN My husband and I live on a small farm in central Kentucky with a Thorough- bred, a mammoth donkey, three irascible goats, four Cardigans and a Belgian Mali- nois. I love to cook, read and travel when the farm and animals allow me enough time. I’ve shown dogs for more than 30 years, in breed, obedience/rally and agil- ity. I’ve been approved to judge Cardigans for about six years, the highlight of which will be judging our 75th Anniversary National Specialty this spring. CINDY SAVIOLI

We live near Erie, Pennsylvania (snow belt of the snow belt). Dogs are all consuming in our lives. Most every- thing we do is related in some manner. We love it. I have 34 years in dogs, still exhibit regularly and have been judg- ing for over 10 years. LEAH JAMES

I live in Havana, Florida which is a suburb of Tallahassee, Florida. This is north Florida and very different from south- ern parts of the state. I am retired so I can devote my life to my avocation. I began in purebred dogs in 1962 and began showing in 1963. I started Judging in 1998—nearly 20 years. JON KIMES I obtained my first Cardigan when I was 13 years old through the Paul Nigro Jr Showmanship program that he used to run through Dog World magazine. My kennel name is Pluperfect for the Cardigans. I worked for professional han- dlers as a teenager and started judging in my early 30s. I try to restrict my judging to specialties or supported entries in the three breeds I am licensed for Bull Terriers, Cairn Terriers and Cardigans. TEDDY MCDOWELL We live on a small farm near Olathe, Kansas. Olathe is 40 minutes south of Kansas City. We converted a dairy barn into indoor/outdoor kennels. We spoil our dogs with heated and cooled 5x20 runs. In my other life I am a registered nurse specializing in oncology. When time permits, I try to work two to three times a week. Cancer patients are like no others; it is surprising how many exhibitors I have talked to about their disease. I have been in Cardigans and showing them more than twenty-five years. I have been judging since 2001.

My husband Vince and I live in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. I am an IT manager overseeing clinical and diagnostic appli- cations for a large healthcare system. My husband Vince is a letter carrier for the postal service. We are both actively involved in local community service. I have served on the Planning Board of

Adjustments and Vince is active in the local first aid squad. We both received our licensed to judge both Corgis in 2011. I got my first Corgi in 1979 and started showing in 1981. Vince acquired his first Corgi by marriage in 1985. We have no chil- dren so Corgis have been our kids and our passion. DR. JEFFREY WELCH

I live in Bear Creek Township in cen- tral North Carolina. In my “other life”, I am a Reproductive Biologist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Home is a small wildlife refuge, tree farm and farm on Bear Creek proper, which is the habitat of the endangered Cape Fear Shiner minnow. I enjoy cook-

ing, gardening and combining the two for charity fundrais- ing. I have been in Cardigans for 38 years now with no break. I have exhibited during that time and began judging sweep- stakes in 2007. I found judging to be tremendous fun and as a natural extension, I obtained my AKC Judge’s License in 2015.

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