Showsight - November 2021


A POST-SHOW RECAP WITH PRESIDENT & SHOW CHAIR WAYNE FERGUSON 1. The 2021 Morris & Essex Kennel Club dog show was held on Wednesday, October 6th at Colonial Park as scheduled. How are feeling now that the event is in the record books? Judging from the emails, texts, phone calls, and written notes that I have received, it was a success. Many of the exhibitors, handlers, and spectators said that it was the best M&E so far, and we were very lucky that the sun was with us the entire day—and no threat of rain. The antique cars, flowers, and period outfits with wonderful hats that were worn by so many people contributed to the festive atmosphere, harkening back to the Golden Age of dog shows of the past. 2. The show grounds were as beautiful as ever, providing a setting that is unmatched in America. Is there an historical significance to the location? We are so lucky to have our show at Colonial Park in Somerset, New Jer- sey. The bucolic grounds are indeed special, with the two-hundred-year-old Red Oaks adorning the fields. The park employees are especially proud of these beau- tiful trees and, between our shows, we contribute to their care as well as that of the manicured lawns. 3. This year’s show was delayed a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Was there ever a doubt about M&E returning this year? Of course, we were disappointed to have had to delay the show for one year, but there was never a doubt that the show would return this year. 4. The 2021 judging panel included the names of so many who’ve given so much to the sport. Any thoughts on the level of experience that was at work in the rings? Following in Mrs. Dodge’s tradition, our judges are among the most respect- ed in the nation. Every Breed judge must have extensive knowledge of the breed he or she is judging and must have come from that Group in their past. Our hats go off to these very qualified judicators, as they come to Morris & Essex receiving no expenses or fees, thus allowing us to donate generously to non-profit canine organizations. 5. Is it too early to ask about the next M&E? (Four years can go by quickly!) What are your hopes for the 2025 show? It’s never too early to discuss the next show, as we’re already busy planning it. We have two Specialties and three Supporteds already signed up, along with several breed trophies sponsored. The date is October 1, 2025, and I hope to see you all there!


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