Showsight - November 2021


There was very little animation, and the ceremonial parts were kept very short. Every day, the finals started with a presentation of the National Breeds. Czechia has six National Breeds of which only two are officially recognized by the FCI. The others are still waiting for it. There is the wire-haired pointing dog, the Cesky Fousek, a dog with lots of similarities to the German Pointer and the wire-haired Weimaraner. More famous is the Cesky Terrier. The Chodsky Pes is a modern breed, a black and tan longhaired kind-of-shepherd; very versatile and a good family dog. This breed is only provisionally recognized by this FCI. This counts also for the Prague Ratter, a company dog comparable to the Miniature Pinsher, but smaller and lighter. Not recognized are the Czech

from Day Two when the Press could take a seat at the bottom of the stairs. These could have been larger, as it was as good as full every single day while the exhibitors blocked the ways out of the halls; and this was not the safest situation in case of an emergency. The podium was very nice and tasteful, well-lit, and what I liked most of all were the professional ring stewards who kept very strict about the only way to allow the dogs to run. One judge tried to do it his way, but without success. He was corrected immediately. For the photographers, it was a blessing. That is one of the advantages of Media streaming; no chaos, but fixed scenarios! Another advantage was the strict timing, and thanks to that, the show ended every day perfectly on time.


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