Showsight - November 2021


4,928. This is almost half of the total entries! It was very strange that only 462 entries were coming from Slovakia, the neighboring country that was once united in Czecho- slovakia. Poland came next in numbers with 1,369 entries, followed by Italy with 1,113, Germany with 638, and Hungary with 528. Only 26 dogs were entered from the United Kingdom and 11 from the United States. There were even dogs entered from as far as Mexico, with eight, Peru with seven, Australia with two, and even two from Ethiopia, one from the Philippines, and one from Argentina. Only 156 dogs were entered from Russia, far below what we are used to, and this made a big difference in the total number of entries. Russia usually sends in several hundred more dogs.

and tastefully decorated with orchids on both sides, and nothing in front of the dogs. The large numbers from 1 to 5 were lit from inside. The biggest part of the judging happened on the opposite side of the judges. It could have been more in the center of the ring, but apparently, nobody complained. Two nicely dressed ladies did the presentation, one in Czech, the other in English. Some point of attention is that the sound system was often much too loud; in the first place for the dogs. We should keep this more in mind that dogs hear so much better than we do! Notwithstanding the traveling problem caused by the pan- demic, 53 nationalities were entered according to the catalog. Whether or not they were all there is hard to tell. Anyway, this is far from bad. The majority of the entries were local:


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