Showsight - November 2021


As I’ve already mentioned, a lot of judges canceled or were canceled due to the lower entries. In total, 125 judges were invited in the end and 48 of them were from the Czech Republic, plus another 15 from Slova- kia. The remaining judges were all coming from 18 European countries, plus three from the UK. In the main ring, it was clear that the majority of judges were Czech judges, especially the more important judging like the FCI Groups and Junior Classes. A look into the catalogs indicates that, in general, the judges were well-charged with dogs, and several had largely over 100 in their ring. The exhibitors list was not according to the modern EU GDPR rules, as their complete addresses were mentioned. (I think the exhibitors don’t mind as it is an ideal way to find them if you are interested in a breed or a single dog.) A look at the breeds teaches me that 300 different breeds were shown. The most popular was the Dachshund in all of its nine varieties, with 494 of them, followed by the Poodle, also in its different colors and varieties in size, with 272 entries. This counts also for the Zwergschnauzers, 234, the German Spitzes, 214, and the Great Danes, 205. The real “first breed” was the Golden Retriever with 203 specimens, and from then on a long list of common and popular breeds followed. It is interesting to see that some breeds became more common, like the Porcelaine, the Hokkaido, and the Shikoku, each with 11 present. I was very pleased to see a Poitevin win Group 6. This is a French breed, living in large packs of 30 or more and used for the long hunt. It is a very elegant, large dog and seldom seen at shows outside France. Of course, like in any World Dog Show or European Dog Show, you always find a lot of very rare breeds, and that list is rather long. Better to come and see them for yourself ! This show made history as the first post-pandemic FCI World Dog Show. At first, I was very upset and frustrated about the lack of informa- tion about how the show would look and would be organized. But once I was there, I could not but admire the Czech Kennel Club for the many difficulties they faced and had to overcome, and how they managed in the end. This was a really good show, one like we are used to. Certain things were rather basic, others outstanding, but everything was there. What more could one want? Congratulations to the organization and to the Czech Kennel Club! “THIS WAS A REALLY GOOD SHOW, ONE LIKE WE ARE USED TO. CERTAIN THINGS WERE RATHER BASIC, OTHERS OUTSTANDING, BUT EVERYTHING WAS THERE. WHAT MORE COULD ONE WANT?”


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