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PETCOUNT™, THE WORLD’S FIRST AT HOME TEST KIT FOR MEASURING YOUR DOG’S SPERM QUALITY ACCURATE RESULTS IN 30 MINUTES - TEST FROM HOME OR ON THE ROAD PetCount™ is a home test for measuring a dogs’s sperm quality. It measures the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per mL in the ejaculate which are the only sperm cells that can reach and naturally fertilize an egg.

The PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test gives you a true picture of your male dog’s fertility potential and its chances of making a female dog pregnant in a natural way.

Why do Breeders, Kennels, & Handlers Choose PetCount? • Convenient, easy to use, fast color coded results • Quick test for young or old dogs to see if they are viable studs • Easy to check if stud vitamins are increasing semen motility • Inexpensive way to regularly test sperm count • Saves a trip to the vet, helpful if traveling with studs between shows • Use during AI procedures to make sure semen is at least 210 million • Test Stud before bringing to bitch for breeding, anywhere/anytime

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PetCount Sperm Quality Test At home, 30 minute Color Intensity Test with 95% Accuracy

1 Single-use PetCount(TM) Sperm Quality Test Package Includes: • PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test • Semen Collection Cup

• Semen Collection Funnel • Semen Transfer Syringe • Semen Collection Gloves • PetCount™ Instructions for use

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Interested in offering PetCount to your clients? We have a limited number of distributorships available. Contact us for details.

Questions? Drop us a note - INFO@PETCOUNT.COM


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