Showsight - November 2021


I n judging the Weimaraner, we must remember to seek type , as type is what distinguishes this breed from all others. The outline of the dog, sound movement, and head are of great importance. Our opening statement in the breed standard, “Above all, the dog’s conformation must indicate the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field’” should be foremost in your mind once you determine that the dog has the correct outline. First, consider the side view from a distance. Is the outline of the dog rectangular? Why rectangular and not square or off-square? Because the back is moderate in length and you also have a well- developed and deep chest in front of those well laid back shoulders. The rather prominent prosternum protrudes beyond the point of shoulder, and there is a wonderful return of upper arm, so the dog stands well over himself with balance, front-to-rear and withers-to- elbow-to-leg (equal lengths). These features give the dog a lovely half-circle from the withers to the prosternum and around to the elbow, which is directly under the withers. This, along with the moderate tuck-up in the flank, in addition to the well sprung and long rib cage , gives the dog its rectangular outline and are the hall- marks of the breed.

As you approach the dog from the front, do so with purpose. Look at the feet (firm, well-arched, thick pads), the chest (good fill to the elbow), oval in shape. Does the dog stand well over him- self (with elbows against the body)? After checking the teeth (FS), move to the side of the dog and, using a gentle but firm hand, examine the remainder of the dog, considering the need for a slightly sloping topline , strong loin (not long), well-angulated stifles, straight hocks with musculature well-developed . Once you place your hand(s) on the dog, let your hand(s) move continuously over the back, chest, loin, tail set, and rear, and only remove your hand(s) when done with the entire exam, including checking the testicles. I find the top-view (coming down the line from behind) to be very helpful in sorting out a line-up of very good dogs. If you


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