Showsight November 2022


which produced the famous Multi BIS & SBIS Am./Mex. Ch. Pandora of Stormhill. All of our pedigrees go back to her. Cur- rently, the stud dog that has had the biggest influence on the dogs we have carried on with is Ch. Pahlavi Puttin’ on the Ritz, “Taco,” who was bred and owned by Karen Wagner. Over the years, we have had many successful dogs in the show ring. To name a few: • Multi BIS & SBIS Ch. Stormhill’s Who’s Zoomin’ Who, “Zoomie” • National Specialty-winning Ch. Calais Sunrise at Stormhill, “Cisco” • Multi BIS & SBIS Ch. Stormhill’s Silver Star, “Silver” • Multi BIS & SBIS Ch. Stormhill’s Sweet Dreams at Raffica, “Ella” A dog I bred and co-owned, Ch. Stormhill’s Red Zinger, is the top Agility Afghan in history. “Zinger” was owned by Robin Kletke, Robin Cohen, and myself. Zinger was trained by and earned all his MACHs and PACHs with Robin Kletke. He retired with 12 MACHs and four PACHs which, I believe, is a record that will never be broken. 7. You also participate in Agility with your Afghans, just as your mother Virginia Withington did many decades ago in Obedi- ence. Why do you feel it’s important to compete in other disciplines besides Conformation? I’m really a strong believer in participating in both Con- formation and Performance events. It’s good for their minds. Aside from Conformation, we have participated in Agility, “I’M REALLY A STRONG BELIEVER IN PARTICIPATING IN BOTH CONFORMATION AND PERFORMANCE EVENTS. IT’S GOOD FOR THEIR MINDS. ASIDE FROM CONFORMATION, WE HAVE PARTICIPATED IN AGILITY, OBEDIENCE, RALLY, LURE COURSING, FASTCAT, AND THERAPY DOG. TO ME, THE HARDEST PERFORMANCE EVENT HAS BEEN AGILITY.”

Multi BIS & SBIS AM & CAN CH Stormhill’s Silver Star, “Silver”

Gini Withington with Multi BIS and SBIS Am & Mex CH Pandora Of Stormhill

Obedience, Rally, Lure Coursing, FastCAT, and Therapy Dog. To me, the hardest Performance event has been Agility. They can be per- fect in class. Then you take them to a trial and sometimes they do great, but then other times, they trot around like they’re in the show ring, maybe even taking an obstacle or two. As frustrating as it is, we enjoy the people we have met through our involvement in Agility, and the fact that the dogs are judged on their ability.


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