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our Guest.” It is a catchy tune and I found myself thinking about Tom’s famous three words, “Be on Time.” I found myself insert- ing words into the tune to reflect our sport. Here is my version of the song which I’ve titled, “Be on Time,” sung to the tune of “Be Our Guest.”

Those of you who may follow my column know that I occa- sionally refer to music as a storyteller. I was recently on vacation at Disney World with my entire family. Disney has, over the years, created so many great original songs for its films and characters. While there, I again heard the song from Beauty and the Beast, “Be


Used so much to fuel the fires We need more practice to improve our skills Most days, we just lay around while our dogs Become flabby, fat, and lazy. You walk into the ring and oops-a-daisy

Be on Time! Be on Time!

Keep those rings running right Get those leads around their necks And let the judges do the rest Set them up Take them around Your job has just begun Try to be a team, be exquisite Don’t believe me? It’s really easy They can gait and they can pose After all, it’s a dog show A win here is never second best Go on, get that armband ready Stand ring-ready at the gate.

Are you on time? Are you on time?

Snakes alive, we’ve been blessed! You were ready thank the lord All those coats are freshly brushed With her nails short, she looks great. And my dears that’s fine with me While the judges do their thing It’s up to you to keep them looking She stands still, super still For heaven’s sake, it’s spot-on! Do it well, the judge must be impressed

Be on time An on-time guest Be on time

Down and back And then around So fantastic For you our judge And

No hold-ups, don’t waste time. When you are late your peers will be enraged Be prepared and show with flair. Become a canine cabaret.

I’m on time I’m on time

You might be new and even scared. But you know you have prepared Don’t be gloomy or complaining Dog shows can be so entertaining

Your commands, I must respect! And thank God we are all here. And we’re obsessed with that major And are at ease While we aim to please Our confidence is growing Let us help you, we’ll keep showing Dog by Dog, One by One Until he shouts, “You are number one.” Winners or even Best of Breed Maybe even Group One. But for now, I must remember…

Tell yourself, “I can do it.” Your charge is in your grip And that judge has perfect taste, that you can bet Go on now and show yourself You have entered so take your chance If needed take a Xanax we suggest Being late is so unnerving for a judge who is standing He is not on time if he’s waiting Be on time Be on time Be on time Ah, those good old days when most were seasoned Suddenly, those good old days are gone. Cell phones and videos

Be on Time! Be on Time! Be on Time!

I know the lyrics are a little silly, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them and—from now on—you will always BE ON TIME!


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