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Am/Can CH BIS/BISS Nani’s Win’k of an Eye VCD1 (TD,CD,NA,NAJ) JH, NRD, VX, CGC, TDI HOF BROM BISS at Yankee Weimaraner Club

Am/Can/Intl CH Win’Weim’s Graysky Cowboy Boots JH “Lucchese”

CH Win’Weim’s Cross Trump TD, SH, NA, NAJ,NSD, NRD, VX “Trump”

can do that too. What does a versatile hunt- ing dog do besides hunt? He retrieves. Th e Weimaraner Club of America and the Wei- maraner Association of Canada have ratings tests which showcase the retrieving ability of Weimaraners —who can work like a Lab- rador retriever! Th e Weimaraner can be a steady, reliable, hardworking retrieving dog. Th rough the years, the Weimaraner has been prized for his tracking ability… and rightfully so. Many of us joke that it is almost “cheating” to do tracking with a Wei- maraner. It is natural to them and TDs and TDXs for young Weims is not uncommon. Th at a Weimaraner has the energy to do many if not all of these is a testament to its versatility—which is a plus. But always remember—a Weimaraner is a breed that NEEDS to do SOMETHING—that is a fact. Every day Weims appear in rescue because the owner didn’t keep him busy …a tired Weimaraner is a happy Weimaraner. Anyone who has ever had dogs has doz- ens of stories and a favorite dog or two. So, I would be remiss in not storytelling for a bit. Following are a couple of stories about speci fi c dogs from my life—it is always brings a tear to my eye when I talk about the favorites who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge—but they are the foundation of my love and passion for the breed. My fi rst real show dog was Guapo. He was a mischievous, funny dog who made people laugh. From the obedience judge who caught him nosing through her purse and dragging out her lunch to the hunt test judge who after Guapo had seven points told us to “pick that vacuum cleaner up before he clears the fi eld to the tracking judge who told me to go “ fl ush that pheas- ant and get back to tracking.” He made me think it was easy. He fi nished in about


A hard, tough-hand is usually not met with success. A Weimaraner is not a ken- nel dog —nor is he happy to be distanced from his people-- as he may become destructive and sometimes vengeful. Th e AKC and other worldwide reg- istries provide many venues for Weims —conformation, hunt tests (both point- ing and retrieving), fi eld trials, tracking, obedience, agility, fl y ball, among others. Additionally, Weimaraners excel in being therapy dogs, service dogs, cadaver dogs, drug dogs—and I’m sure I’m missing some

of their talents! Th e versatility of a Weima- raner is one of the main attractions to the breed. If you get a Weimaraner, you need to keep them busy plus get them plenty of exercise and attention. Channel their ener- gy and intelligence for a great companion. Ignore it—and you’ll be forever sorry. Th e Weimaraner is often referred to as a gentleman’s hunting dog by many people. He hunts and retrieves for the hunter—he is bonded and loyal, working hard to please his companion. Normally not a big run- ning, brush-busting fi eld dog—he certainly


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