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10 shows and he taught me what it was like to train a Weimara- ner. By the time he was 3 years old he was Am/Can CH with a title in every area a Weims could compete —remember this was before the plethora of titles that we have now. I remember once I submitted his name for a program of awards as Am/Can CH, JH CDX, TD, NA, NRD, SD, VX, CGC TDI—it showed up as AmCan CH Weimshadow’s Smooth Criminal ETC—All that work boiled down to an ETC! Th en there was Flirt. Any of the longtime Weim people know who you mean when you say “Flirt”—and many called her the “Win’k of an Eye” bitch. She is a WCA Hall of Fame dog—a busy bee who could easily have been a weim who was returned to the breeder if not kept busy. I remember her coming out of the crate at the Houston airport in July 1992. Michael Kemp (I found out later who he was) was there picking up a bulldog puppy. When Flirt strutted out of that crate holding the teddy bear in her mouth—tail up and “here I am world” attitude, Mr. Kemp said to me “ Th at’s a Best in Show one there!” At 8 weeks he called it! To this day though she was my heart dog—from 8 weeks old as a puppy, through a resounding show career, a Pedigree top producer, and all-around performance dog—she taught me how to win, how to lose (you can’t point the fi nger for the judge), and what I wanted to do in the Fancy. She was Am/Can CH Bis/Biss Nani’s Win’k of an Eye VCD1 (TD CD NA NAJ)JH NRD VX CGC TDI HOF BROM—and she is the most titled AKC Best in Show Weimaraner. Two stories about Flirt. She won the breed at the Host specialty for the Nationals in Rhode Island from the veteran Class —after receiving Pedigree Top Producing Dam and winning a 1st place in the agility trial. She was 8 years old—and everyone was on their feet clapping and yelling as she took the victory lap—out in front at the end of the lead with her signature reach and drive. She ended her life as a service dog for my grandson Braden who is a quad- riplegic. She retrieved his toys, pushed him to an upright position and was his constant companion. Twelve years was not enough with her. Funny, I still miss her —and her busy bee ways! Fred was a sweet, loving, beautiful dog—and he was the last one I had who would have protected me to his very death. Who names a dog “Fred”? An 8-year old child who watches Th e Flintstones that is who! Fred was o ffi cially Am/Can CH BISS Ash- more Win’Weim Royal Flush JH BROM. Fred was my real intro- duction to the huge responsibility of owning a stud dog. He was a Pedigree Top Producer and in about 15 breedings had over 50 champions with over 60 performance titles. He produced fi ve Best in Show winners—in the US, Canada, and Australia. Fred taught me to say “No.” Probably 2/3 of the breeders who asked to use him I said no. I worried so much about where the puppies would go, who was raising them, how to keep up with them, and would the breedings be successful. We all make mistakes—mine was maybe saying ‘no’ too often—but the ‘yes’ breedings were so successful— and I have those breeders to thank who put up with me as the stud dog owner from hell. Th anks Ready-Freddy! How do you end a discussion about a passion that has lasted for 62 years? It is a love. It is a romance.

movement without excess rise and fall of the withers. Th is indi- cates that the dog is put together correctly and is not putting undue stress on the shock absorbing mechanism, the shoulders. Temperament: Th e temperament should be friendly, fearless, alert and obedient. Minor Faults: Tail too short or too long. Pinknose. Major Faults: Doggy bitches, Bitchydogs, improper muscu- lar condition. Badly a ff ected teeth. More than 4 teeth missing. Back too long or too short. Faulty coat. Neck too short, thick or throaty. Low set tail. Elbows in or out. Feet east and west. Badly overshot or undershot bite. Snippy muzzle, short ears. Very Serious Faults: White, other than a spot on the chest. Eyes, other than gray, blue-gray or light amber. Black mottled mouth. Non-docked tail. Dogs exhibition strong fear, shyness and extreme nervousness. Disquali fi cations: Deviation in height of more than one inch from the Standard either way. A distinctly long coat. A distinctly blue or black coat. Remarks: It is impossible for a gray Weimaraner to have a black mottled mouth. Weimaraner color is a dilution and therefore it is impossible for a dilute dog to have black markings. Our local club holds Hunting Tests, WCA Rating Tests and Field Training Sem- inars. It is always amazing to me to see dogs who have never been exposed to birds go out in the fi eld and hunt, point and retrieve. You can actually see the point at which their brain clicks on and they start hunting. If nature has seen fi t to maintain the natural instincts of bird fi nding and retrieving ability, we as breeders and judges should strive to produce and reward a dog whose structure and temperament enable that dog to perform these duties.

BIO Although my breeding program for the past 40 plus years has been limited, average 1 litter per year, I am proud to say that Colsidex is the home of the 2 All Time Top Winners as well as the All Time Top Producing BROM Sire. Proudly displayed on my wall are the plaques honoring my four WCA Hall of Fame induct- ees as well as the 64 Pewter Dogs for Futurity/ Maturity winners. Th is past year my Maturity

winning bitch, Ch Colsidex Seabreeze Beyond Words was the winner of the WCA Top 20 held in conjunction with the National Specialty. I have judged Specialties in Brazil, Ireland, Australia, New Zea- land and the US. Th e AKC honored me in 2009 as Sporting Group Breeder of the Year and I received the WCA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. I have been the AKC Delegate for the WCA for the past 22 years as well as the past National Show Chairman for 9 years. My greatest pride is the temperaments of my dogs. Most of my puppies are loving pets. Th ere are many that could have been shown but to me the most important factor is a home where they are loved and appreciated. Last, but not least, I have made many long time friends in the breed who have enhanced my life and made going to dog shows not only rewarding but fun.


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