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Th ere must be chiseling under the eye, lovely de fi nition of bone that underlines the beauty of the Welsh head and expression. As to balance and its importance; the foreface is equal in length or only slightly shorter than the back skull. Th is is very easily measured by taking your hand and placing it, palm down, on the back skull, determining the length by opening/closing your fi ngers and then placing that same hand on the foreface. Does the nose extend beyond your hand or fi t within the same measurements? On the contrary – do you have a short, chubby head? Is the foreface noticeably shorter than the back skull? No matter how cute a “cockery” head may be, it is de fi nitely an objectionable feature for a Welsh. Teeth should be large and useful for gripping game. Th e slightly divergent planes of the Welsh Springer head are easily determined by looking at the head in pro fi le and using your hand. Th e top of the muzzle is straight, e.g. no roman nose, and leads in to a clearly de fi ned stop which goes up to a slightly domed back skull. When measur- ing for length of back skull to length of foreface, you can also use the palm of your hand to feel for the slight dome (front to back) of the skull cap. As I move from the head to the body I want a head to neck in proportion of about 1:1 and I want the neck to blend smoothly into the shoulders. I don’t expect Welsh shoulders to be as close at the tips as some of the other spaniels, but they should be long, sloping shoulders and I want a well set back upper arm with a prominent forechest. Th ese are problem areas in the

breed—upright shoulders, short upper arms and/or lack of forechest and these areas will alter the desired silhouette. Moving along the dog I want a long ribcage with well-sprung ribs. A young dog may not yet have the spring of rib that comes with maturity, ask the steward the age. If less than three years and you like the dog, you may forgive the fault depend- ing on what you feel under your hands; is it immaturity or is it slabsided? Any older than three years and I would prob- ably leave the dog out of contention. Th e loin is slightly arched, muscular and close- coupled. I like a rib:loin to be about 2 ½ to 1. Th e body of the Welsh is compact, but length of ribbing should never be compro- mised. I can forgive a slightly longer dog with a longer loin with a long rib cage and will always consider it above the Welsh that appears to be more compact but is in fact 50/50 rib to loin. Th e proportion of the rib to loin is one of the major con- tributors to the correct Welsh outline and its length of body. Depth of body should reach to the elbows or very slightly beyond; I do not want a shallow body. Th e topline is level in that it does not slope as stated in several other spaniel standards. Stating that the topline is level does not mean it is fl at; one can’t describe a topline as having a slightly arched loin and slightly rounded croup without having some fl ow to the picture. Th e hind quarters should be welldevel- oped with good wide thighs and second thighs. Hocks should be well let down. Remember: Th is is a breed where noth- ing is exaggerated. I shouldn’t see long

The top winning and top producing bitch British Show Champion Ferndel Cecilia. Even as a veteran bitch, ‘C’ still illustrates so many desirable qualities of an outstanding Welsh Springer and is one of my all-time favorites.

Left picture illustrates CORRECT convergence in front. Right picture illustrates INCORRECT.

Top picture illustrates CORRECT convergence underneath. Bottom picture illustrates INCORRECT.

of the eye and gently taper to the tip, they do not hang straight down, but at an angle and hanging close to the cheek. Th e fl ews/ lips also gently taper as they move towards the well developed nostrils; the throat is clean. And, the eyes. Th ose eyes must be set in tight, darkly pigmented, oval rims and must have an expression that is kind- ly, friendly. No sclera or haw showing.

“THE PROPORTION OF THE RIB TO LOIN IS ONE OF THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS TO THE CORRECT WELSH OUTLINE AND ITS LENGTH OF BODY. Depth of body should reach to the elbows or very slightly beyond; I do not want a shallow body.”


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