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ThoughTs on The Breed


DIANE BURVEE I live in Kansas City for the most part of the year, when I am not visit- ing family and friends in Asia and Europe. I write, I travel and I con- duct research on subjects of special interests with my latest subject being “Revolution Of The American Psyche In The Global Perspective.” I am also a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ who enjoys trying out different cuisines and new restaurants. I have been involved in the sports since 1993 when I came to attend college in Amer- ica, together with my foundation Afghan Hound bitch that was incidentally from Sydney, Australia. I have been licensed to judge by AKC for 6 years now. JAMES DALTON I live in Portsmouth, Ohio. Due to the extent of my involvement in dogs there isn’t a lot of time for anything else but I am on the board of directors for the Southern Ohio museum and cultural arts center and involved in fundraising for sev- eral local charities including the Red Cross. I have been involved since I was a child and exhibited my first dog, a smooth Dachshund, in 1974. You do the math! I first judged in Ireland when I was sixteen years old, but only started judg- ing in the US over the last few years.

ANNE KATONA I live in wild horse country in Reno, Nevada. Outside of dogs, I love to read, snow shoe (no more cross country, darn), bike, hike and spend as much time as possible with my daughter, Audra, my son-in-law, Scott and my 14 year old granddaugh- ter, Ava. I purchased my first Kerry Blue Terrier in 1973. Bred my first lit- ter four years later. The Kerry Blue will always be my heart breed. I started my judging career in 1985. I did take a 5 year “rest” to work for AKC. As of 2016, I am only judging two weekends a month and taking several months per year off. After around 30 years I think it is time for the new kids on the block. It is not as easy as some think! MOLLY MARTIN I live just outside of Montgomery, Alabama. Other than my dog activities, I enjoy being at home, reading and helping with my adorable grandchildren! I began showing in 1981 and became a provisional judge in 1995. I started showing her Dalmatians in conformation 35 years ago. I am now approved for the Non-Sporting and Hound groups as well as 21 Sporting breeds and 11 Toy breeds. MARY MILLER I live in Lexington, KY. I work for a Thoroughbred Horse Farm. I started showing in 1970, received my Junior Show- manship license in 1975 and breed license in 1999.

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