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I currently judge the Non-Sporting Group and several Hound breeds. I am a lifetime member of the Lexington Ken- nel Club Board of Trustees, and member of Take The Lead and the Dalmatian Club Of America. DESI MURPHY

over 10 years. Luis judges Working, Non-Sporting as well as some Toys and Hounds; Patty judges Working and some Non-Sporting breeds. ROBIN

STANSELL I have been exhibiting since 1976 and judging since 1991. Outside of dogs, I do very little! I have enjoyed sports cars and a little racing in the past, but now have little time.

I live in Monroe, New York. I am retired. I have been in dogs close to 60 years. I have been judging since 1976 and have judged Frenchies for 26 years.


1. How important is gait in your evaluation of the dog during judging? DB: Gait is vital to ascertain proper carriage and soundness in movement in all breeds. For me, it is interesting to study how dogs use themselves, and their footing and timing in their locomotion. I tend to put more empha- sis on gait in breeds where the gait serves to perform a function such as to hunt, and to retrieve in the Afghan Hounds and Poodles respectively. Also, in the Pekingese as well, as its “effortless rolling gait” is part of breed type. French Bulldogs are bred strictly to be lap/companion dogs, so one can afford to be more forgiving in their gait. Having said that, I do not condone a paddling or flipping front, or a weak hind action. I also want to stress that TRAD (tremendous reach and drive) in side-gait, which seems to impress many a judge, is actually nothing more than flashy, wasted motion in the French Bulldog. Always bear in mind the function and intent of the breed. The Frenchie is a moderate breed, and that includes its move- ment, so a Frenchie that can reach and drive extensively like a German Shepherd or a Sporting is very atypical in actuality. JD: It is important as part of my overall evaluation of the dog and I pay attention to outline and balance on the move (coming from Afghans, I love good movement), but for me it is not the most important thing. Type is the most important attribute for me in any breed because without breed type you have nothing. AK: Certain breeds’ gaits are very important; however, most important in my opinion is foot timing. One must never forget even a Toy breed has to walk to the food and water bowl! Toy breeders want their breeds to be as sound as any other breed. MMartin: Very important. I consider proper gait for every breed to be indicative of proper construction. MMiller: Gait is very important in my judging, as that is where I can truly see the dog’s best conformation. DM: In any breed movement is the test of structure. If they are not built properly, they cannot move properly.

I live in Templeton, Massachusetts. Most of my activities involve dogs. I am President of the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners and National Res- cue Coordinator for the American Bullmastiff Association. My parents owned and exhibited Bullmastiffs and Bull- dogs so I have been involved in the sport of dogs since my teenage years. I was first approved to judge in 1995. I am a graduate of Harvard College. In addition to FBDCA, I am a member of the Ladies Dog Club, Wachusett Kennel Club, Connecticut River Working Group club and American Bullmastiff Association. Currently serve as President of the French Bull Dog Club of America and am Chair of the FBDCA Judges Education Committee. I have judged the FBDCA National and regional specialties in the US and have judged overseas in many European countries and in Australia and New Zealand. LUIS & PATTY SOSA Bandog French Bulldogs, reg.

We live in Madisonville, Loui- siana, about 30 miles north of New Orleans. Outside of dogs, Patty likes to cook, garden and make Frenchies. In addition to photographing dog shows, Luis is a Civil Engineer and photo- graphs for a hobby, mostly with

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large format film cameras. Luis has been “in dogs” some 42 years, Patty around 32. We’ve both been judging a little

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