Showsight Presents the French Bulldog


By Sharon Dykes

T he breed standard of the French Bulldog is a great resource, and not only for the conformation ring. It can be of benefit, whether you are a Judge, a breeder, a person who competes in com- panion sports, or if you are considering adding a new pup to your family. Most people know that a breed stan- dard describes the physical attributes of a dog. French Bulldogs, like all other breeds,

are to be judged by the breed standard in a show ring. But; if you are not showing the dog; do you still need to take the time to read it? Yes! Th ere is a lot more than physi- cal characteristics explained in the stan- dard of the French Bulldog! In addition to the body type of the breed; our breed standard also speaks to the temperament, attitude, and general demeanor of the French Bulldog. Wheth- er you are a Judge or a puppy buyer, it is important to understand the physical,

behavioral, and temperamental attributes that should be in the dog or puppy you are looking at. Th e standard describes the French Bull- dog’s attitude and behavior specifically. He/she is to have the “appearance of an active, intelligent” dog. “ Th e expression should be alert, curious, and interested”. Th e French Bulldog is supposed to be “Well behaved, adaptable and comfortable companions with an a ff ectionate nature and even disposition”; “generally active, S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , M ARCH 2014 • 163

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