Showsight Presents the French Bulldog

Th ey have big hearts and are generous in their a ff ection, but need an investment of time, love and commitment on the parts of their “People”. Th ey are a smart breed, always thinking. Don’t let them outthink you while using their cuteness to pull the wool over your eyes! Th ey need training to focus them in positive directions. Th e qualities listed in the standard depict a smart, happy, healthy, playful and well- adjusted dog. Bad temperament, and/or shy, nervous, fearful or withdrawn behavior is not indicative of the breed. Whether judg- ing a French Bulldog in a show ring, evalu- ating a dog for breeding, or trying to deter- mine if a puppy is right for your home…use the standard and take your time. Any dog can be nervous in new surroundings or with new people…

but negative temperament traits can also demonstrate poor socialization or poor breeding. In assessing older dogs, realize that in addition to genetics; some dogs have had experiences and training (or lack thereof ) that has helped to form their atti- tude, temperament and behavior. By tak- ing a little time to allow them to settle and by having an understanding of what the breed is supposed to demonstrate; you may be better able to gauge if the French Bulldog you are considering is the right dog for you. Th ere can also be many reasons a French Bulldog does not demonstrate an active playful nature. It can be something as simple as being tired at the moment, or something much more worrisome, such as structural issues that cause pain.

Bottom line… it is important to read the standard of the breed. It is important to know what the breed is supposed to be like. Th e standard describes how the dog should look; it also tells you how it should behave. If you are considering the French bulldog as an addition to your home; get the facts. Th e French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA) has the breed stan- dard, breeder referral services and other educational information available on line at: BIO Sharon Dykes lives in Oregon with her husband Calvin. Together they breed, own and show French Bulldogs. She also current- ly serves as the chairperson for the FBDCA Public and Member Education committee.


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