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Evaluating The French Bulldog: A REVIEW FOR JUDGES By Sande Abernathy B reeders and exhibitors of French Bulldogs are horrified by the surge in French Bull- dog popularity as illustrated by its current rank of num- ber 14 and the large number and exhibitors are concerned that the qual- ity of judging must keep up with the explo- sion of Frenchies. Th is article reviews key issues in our breed standard, explaining what some of the challenges are and some of the subtleties are. vious wins and reputations. We know the strengths and merits of our breed and truly rejoice when you award the quality before you. Judge the dog on the day as you see it without fear or favor. Let’s start in the ring. It really helps to have a mental image of how a Frenchie should look. Note that words in italics are direct quotes from our breed standard.

of dogs entered at the Westminster Kennel Club show. Th is means many more French Bulldogs in the show ring and many more judges needed to evaluate them. Breeders

We breeders and exhibitors ask that you judge the dogs in the ring against the standard. Please do not be swayed by pre-

The Silhouette Your first impression of the French Bulldog should be made by viewing the dog from the side as he is stacked on a table. Th e dog should be compactly built with legs and body showing strong muscular development and heavy bone. Th e head is supported by a thick and well arched neck. Th ere is a slight fall close behind the shoul- ders and narrowing at the loins. Th e tail is either straight or screwed (but not curly) it is short and hung low. Th e topline has a slight rise over the loin. “YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF THE FRENCH BULLDOG should be made by viewing the dog from the side as he is stacked on a table.”

Top: the sideview of the topline; Bottom: a proper topline.

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