Showsight Presents the French Bulldog


By Becky L. Smith

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” —Aristotle W adhere to the o ffi cial FBDCA Breed Stan- dard. Th e standard was written and accepted by AKC in 1897 by Th e French Bull Dog Club of America, the first organization in the world devoted to the breed. Let us take a look at the standard as it relates to the various “parts” of the French Bulldog. When judging the whole French Bulldog FBDCA stresses to judge the merits of a dog and not the faults. General Appearance Th e French Bulldog has an active, intelligent appearance. Muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure. Expression is alert, curious, and interest- ed. Any alteration other than the removal of dewclaws is considered to be a mutila- tion and is a disqualification. hen judging the French Bull- dog the most important func- tion we expect from Judges is to Proportion & Symmetry All points are well distributed and bear good relation one to the other; no feature being in such prominence from either excess or lack of quality that the animal appears poorly proportioned. Size, Proportion & Substance Weight not to exceed 28 pounds; over 28 pounds is a disqualification. (If weight is a concern, call for scales. No judge should lift dogs o ff of the table as an indi- cator of weight.) Proportion—Distance from withers to ground in good relation to the distance from withers to onset of tail, so that the animal appears compact, well balanced and in good proportion. Sub- stance—Muscular, heavy bone. 158 • S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , M ARCH 2014

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