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A survey on the breed: THE BRITTANY


movies, and some travel. I got my first dog at 12 years of age. It was a pet store purchased Cocker Spaniel. This dog had everything wrong with the breed: overshot bite, weak blad- der sphincter, aggressive temperament at feeding time, fine cottony coat that easily matted, etc. Most likely because of this dog, I went into the field of Veterinary Medicine. My first show quality dog was a Brittany that I obtained in 1980. As a family, we immediately started showing in conforma- tion and this was out first champion and foundation bitch. We were in the breed 10 years before I realized there was an event called “field trials” and I was hooked. I trained my first Field Champion to his title in 1991. He was my first Dual Champion. I became a field trial judge for pointing breeds in 1995 and finally became approved for Conformation in 1999.

I live half of the year in Central Oregon (summers) and the other half (winters) in Arizona, in a small west- ern town north of Scottsdale. “Outside of dogs” I was a Professor and taught Vet- erinary Medicine. I retired 13 years ago after a 35-year career. Now I enjoy my free time riding horses, going to

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