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JF: The DUAL Dog. KK: Functional, good nose and short-backed and willing worker. BGS: Compact, agile and honest.

I currently live in Bixby, OK, which is basically now just a sub- urb of Tulsa, although I spent most of my adult life in Fort Worth, TX, with short stints in Atlanta, GA and Joplin, MO. I work remotely from home as a software engineer for Change Healthcare of Fort Worth, TX, Asheville, NC and Nashville, TN. I am involved in Pharmacy com- puter network products and ser-

2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? HNE: The Brittany must be a square dog within the

height standard for the breed. There is no gender difference for the height standard. They also must have correct side gait. For the field, they must be bold, intelligent and be an independent hunter, but also must respond to your commands.

vices used in Retail Pharmacies. I have been involved with dogs since my days hunting in Jr and Sr. High School. I have been breeding, exhibiting and doing agility with Cock- ers and Papillons for the last 20 years. I have been judging since 2009. KEKE KAHN

“this is A nAturAl breed And should be Judged thAt WAy.

JF: My “must have” requirements all go back to my bird hunt- ing experience. A Brittany MUST be rugged, compact, balanced, moderate, agile, tireless, happy, alert, energet- ic, have good feet and sound, efficient movement. KK: This is a natural breed and should be judged that way. Not too much coat so that they do not get caught in the briars. They must be balanced and conform to the written standard. BGS: Balance, athleticism and moderation. not too Much coAt so thAt they do not get cAught in the briArs. THEY MUST BE BALANCED And conForM to the Written stAndArd.”

I live in Sarasota, Florida. I am a housewife and help with dogs. I have been in the dog world since the 70s and I started judging Sport- ing dogs in the 80s. I have had many, many assignments and tons of this breed during the years— also I’ve judged a lot of Specialties.


I reside in Metairie, LA, a sub- urb of New Orleans, LA. A retired university professor, I am an Edu- cational Consultant for a compa- ny based in Phoenix, AZ. I have been in dogs for over 20 years and approximately 7 years judging.

1. Describe the breed in three words. HNE: The Brittany is an intelligent, compact, energetic bird dog.

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