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with most breeds, my last thought before I make a selec- tion is, ‘Which of these would I want to take home?’ BGS: Most Brittany breeders/owners/handlers understand the utility of the breed. It is shown at dog shows, but it is not primarily a “show” dog! 11. And, for a bit of humor: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? HNE: This was at a field trial, rather than at a show. A han- dler was arriving at the field trial ground late at night in the dark, as we usually do. The site was a location out in the middle of the Mohave Desert, but there were many undeveloped crossroads. The terrain was rolling enough that the handler could not see any lights from camp. She was lost. Finally, she called 911 for help. The operator was kind and was trying to locate her by asking if there were any landmarks she could identify. After a pause, the handler related that she was directly under the “Big Dipper”. JF: Quite a number of years ago I was judging Cocker Span- iels in Atlanta at the Atlanta Expo Center with stormy weather and tornados close by. The power was knocked out and everything went dark. The show was eventu- ally cancelled for the day. BUT low and behold, there was Michelle Billings, finishing up her current breed by flashlight. While the situation was a bit scary, that sight of someone judging by flashlight was seriously funny… at least to me. KK: A funny thing happened just this past weekend in my ring. I was measuring a Shetland Sheepdog and while we waited forever to get wicket I did the correct procedure and measured the AKC calibrated wicket but low and behold on leg was ½ inch short in its socket! The Rep was there and said, “No, it must be right” and so I said, “Trust me, it is not”—and it wasn’t. A first for us all, so I adjusted it correctly without the socket and the dog measured in! BGS: I was stewarding for one of the grande dames of our sport during group judging. While arranging the ribbons for her placements, I looked up and noticed that her panty hose had begun to sag. By the time she had made her cut, her hose top had begun to show itself out from under the hem of her skirt. I quickly asked a female judge sitting at ringside if she would approach the judge and explain what was happening. The judge tugged at the drooping hose, finished her placements, retired to the ladies room, made appropriate adjustments, and returned to the ring to finish her other assignments. Funny!

“As With Most breeds, My lAst thought

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