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I am the judge’s education coor- dinator for the American Brit- tany Club. One of the com- ments I hear routinely is that the Brittany is a hard breed to judge. When I ask why they think it’s hard, usually they start by list- ing the di ff erence between Brittanys and the other sporting breeds. Scissors Bite Th e Brittany is required to have a scis- sors bite, while most sporting breeds call for an even or scissors bite. Height Standard Th e Brittany height standard is 17 ½ inches to 20 ½ inches for both males and females. Most of the other sporting breeds

have one height standard for males and one for females. We generally explain that you can have a 17 ½ inch male and a 20 ½ inch female and have it be perfectly cor- rect. Anything below 17 ½ or over 20 ½ is a DQ. ( Th e only other DQ is black in the nose or coat.) Movement Th e Brittany calls for having an ath- letic gait that is ground covering without clumsiness, but we also have an over- reach. Th e standard says that the back foot should step into or beyond the print left by the front foot. Most of the other sporting breeds do not overreach. Of the three di ff erences stated above, movement give judges the most trou- ble. First, a Brittany should never be

“THE BRITTANY CALLS FOR HAVING AN ATHLETIC GAIT that is ground covering without clumsiness, but we

also have an overreach.”

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