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Snapshots Of ENGLISH SETTER HISTORY By Carl Sillman

T he development of the modern “show” English Setter began in earnest with the founding of the English Setter Association (the forerunner to today’s English Setter Association of America) in 1931. Th e history of the English Setter in the show ring is rich with stories of famous dogs and great accomplishments. Here are a few highlights.

Ch. Blue Dan of Happy Valley, who denied Rummey his championship in the show ring, fizzled as a stud dog, siring only three champions. Perhaps one of the most interesting English Setter stories of is that of Ch. Daro of Maridor, who remains the only English Setter to win Best in Show at Westminster. Daro was just shy of eleven months old when he took the world of canine sport by storm by winning his way out of the classes to go Best in Show at the 1938Westminster show. Th is was the first time he had been shown. Afterwards, he disappeared from the show scene with no explanation. Later, it was disclosed that he had been ill with distemper, which nearly killed him. It was thought for a time that Daro’s show career had ended. But he recovered and resumed showing. Daro won the 1940 and 1941 English Setter Association specialties. When Daro won the breed (and Group 2) at Westminster in 1942, a wire service reporter wrote, “(Daro’s) present return to top form after much illness is considered one of the most striking come–backs in the history of the canine sport.” Th e period from the 1930s through the 1950’s was the era of the large kennel. Th ere was no kennel larger in size and importance to the English Setter than C.N. Myers’ Blue Bar Kennels in Hanover, Pa. Myers’ kennel operation lasted for over twenty years, closing in 1957. At

Rummey Stagboro (Spiron Jagersbo x Selkirk Snooksie) Whelped August 31, 1929. Breeder/Owner H. F. Steigerwald - Sire of 33 champions

Th e most famous English Setter to not finish an AKC championship was Rummey Stagboro, who was born in 1929. He simply could not beat the great Ch. Blue Dan of Happy Valley in the show ring. Eventually, he was withdrawn from competition. Instead of show glory, Rummey built his reputation as a top–producing sire by producing 33 champions; a truly remarkable total for the time. Th is list of champions contains

some very well known, big winning English Setters. One of these was Ch. Sturdy Max, who was considered by many to be the English Setter who best typified the breed ideal. Rummey Stagboro became truly revered by English Setter breeders of the day and he had great influence on the breed for many years. Ironically,

Ch. Sturdy Max (Rummey Stagboro x Rummey Girl of Stagboro) b. 1932

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