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obedience and tracking. AKC recently cre- ated lure coursing titles for all breeds. Th e first English setter to earn a lure coursing title was an English Setter bitch, aptly named CH Somerset’s Whirl Wind of Wind Dancer, CA, “Darby”, owned by Julie Brimble and Kathy Rodriguez. Darby literally walked out of the show ring after earning a specialty major the day before and reserve that day, walked across the road and entered her first coursing ability trial. She turned in a very respectable time of 56 seconds to run 600 course yards and earned her first pass. Darby had never seen a lure course before. Although it is this author’s opinion that English Setters do not “love” obedience, they do love pleasing their owners. So with creative training many have excelled in obedience, as the multi-titled “Ranger”, Dual Champion/Amateur Field Champi- on Heathrow’s Winchester Ranger, UDX, MH, TD, OA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, VCD1, HDX, CGC so aptly demonstrated. Rang- er was the most AKC titled English Set- ter in the United States. He was expertly trained by Terry Barnes. Many owners have begun “giving back” to their communities with their English Setters, training them through various organizations to be therapy dogs. As therapy dogs many visit the elderly in various types of care facilities, they visit schools and participate in reading pro- grams and are also allowed into some

hospitals the At Rouge Valley Medical Center in Medford, OR, Edwardian Th ree Spots Short, aka Spanky Doodles, visited sick children and also visited in the locked mental health ward. Kathy and Lanny Goodwin and their English Setters “Gromit” Gold Rush True Class, Th D and “Tru” Harmony Hollows Gold Rush Troubadour spend time at Los Angeles International Airport or LAX. Gromit and Tru walk thru the airport wearing a red vest with the word “PET ME” printed on each side. Th e setters have access to of the airport (except on the air- planes). Th e o ffi cial LAX duties statement for Gromit and Tru are: “As traveling can create stress and anxi- eties at airports, the Los Angeles Interna- tional Airport (LAX) Pets Unstressing Pas- sengers (PUP) program is an opportunity to provide an overall enhanced customer experience, providing stress relief and com- fort to passengers through interaction with pets. Th e pups are the volunteers ‘own’ dogs and both donate their time to LAX. Th ey are registered with Th erapy Dogs, Inc.” Agility and rally must have the “most fun ever” stamped in the brains of many English Setters (with the exception of bird hunting). Go to any rally or agility trial and just try to find a dog that does not seem to be having a ball. Now that doesn’t mean a perfect run, nope they can be messing up like crazy through the entire course, but they sure have fun doing it.

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