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a dog to be judged according to a written standard of excellence with a pass or fail score. Due to the historical nature of this breed’s versatility and the requirement of its parent club that it must have the ability to retrieve on land and in water, the Ger- man Wirehaired Pointer is now allowed to also enter Retriever Hunting Tests as well as those for Pointing breeds. All these events could certainly keep a GWP and its owner busy for a while! Not everyone hunts, but there are many who admire the breed and think they might like to have one as a pet. Th ey can make excellent pets and housedogs but they have a natural inclination to “do something” besides lying quietly at your feet! Wirehairs are an active and inventive breed! If they’re unable to use their basic talents to hunt, they need an alternative job. If you don’t provide them with a con- structive pathway, they’ll fi nd activities on their own to occupy their time. As a pet owner, you may not appreciate a GWPs idea of entertainment. Left to their own devices, without attention and guidance from their owner, they might delve into redecorating your home or redesigning

“...iT MusT hAve The AbiliTy TO reTrieve ON lANd ANd iN WATer...”


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