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your collection of shoes! Th ey also have a very strong sense of self, so they need an environment where there is patience, understanding and an ability to set limits. A Wirehair has a strong desire to be part of a family unit and if you include them, they are loyal and devoted companions. Th ey are perfect for a family with an active life- style. Something as simple as walking or jogging with “their person”, hiking, camp- ing or going to work with you on a daily basis is satisfying for this breed. If you want to own a German Wirehaired Point- er, you must not only meet their physical need for adequate exercise but also engage their minds in a productive way. Th ey just need to be involved. Isolation and bore- dom are their worst enemies! How about general care of a Wire- hair? Th ose adorable, fuzzy faces are very appealing; however, they do enjoy clean- ing their beards on the couch after they eat. Coat care is important and coats in

this breed are inconsistent. Plan on learn- ing about how to keep them looking good from the breeder you purchase your puppy from. Be aware that the best coats are relatively easy, but the ones with more coat require more care. Th eir excellent scenting ability and desire to “ fi nd” make them intuitive track- ing dogs. Th ere are many opportunities to utilize these qualities. Tracking Tests are one venue. Teaching a dog to follow scent and fi nd an object at the end of their quest is a natural pursuit for a GWP. Th ere are also new and evolving sports such as Barn Hunt and Nose Work that are natural activities for these dogs. Besides structured sports, Wirehairs make very good Search and Rescue Dogs and are often utilized by law enforcement as narcotic or explo- sives detection dogs. Th eir natural prey drive also makes them good candidates for the C.A.T., or Coursing Ability Test. Th is is an activity that’s lots of fun for dogs

and owners alike. Th ese are certainly not Coursing dogs, per se, but chasing without getting in trouble seems to be something that they thoroughly enjoy! Th ey are well suited for both Agility and Obedience. But, keep in mind that they have a unique sense of humor and may try and teach you a variation on an exercise! German Wirehaired Pointers are de fi nitely team players but often think of themselves as the “MVP”! Th ey are fun and satisfying to train but they will always tend to keep their individuality. Repetition and drill- ing may sometime need to be put aside for praise, reward and well-earned play time. If there is something you enjoy doing, your GWP will gladly have a go at it! Most importantly, they want to be part of what- ever you do. Versatile, adaptable, fl exible, resourceful and useful—a German Wire- haired Pointer is a wonderful companion, but not without an investment of time, love and resources.


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