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15 Rest in Peace, Joseph Neil McGinnis III

Living With The Pomeranian Victoria Oelerich

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REST IN PEACE, JOSEPH NEIL MCGINNIS III MARCH 25, 1953 - FEBRUARY 25, 2020 Living With Min Pins Gretchen Hofheins-Wackerfuss 62 TNT Top Twenty Toys

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Bonnie Guggenheim

E very ship must have a captain. We are so grateful you were ours. We are heartbroken to report the passing of our beloved Ex- ecutive Editor Emeritus, Joseph Neil McGinnis lll. For decades, Joe stood at the helm of Top Notch Toys —steering our ship and setting our course. Joe start- ing publishing dog show magazines with his partner, the late Duane Doll, after years of successfully breeding and showing their beloved Pekingese. Their goal was simple—to celebrate the beauty of purebred dogs, educate on the individual breeds, and shine a spotlight on the hard fought victories in the dog show fancy. As accomplished Pekingese breeders in their own right, giving the delightful breeds in the Toy Group a platform to shine, made Top Notch Toys an excep- tionally important endeavor for them. Top Notch Toys , along with the Pe- kingese Magazine The Orient Express , helped pave the way for many exciting Scent Work, The Next Frontier Sherye Wise 66 Remember Your Mentors Richard Miller 62 Some Thoughts From the USA Dale and Jane Martenson 63 Selecting A Japanese Chin Puppy Dale Martenson 64 65 False Pregnancy or P eudopregnancy in Dogs Ernest Ward, DVM

publications, including ShowSight , our award winning all-breed magazine. The AraMedia Publishing Group is a passionate company, but at our heart we are a family of people who hav worked together for years. We love one another a great deal, and we are all at a loss for words today, as we say goodbye to our mentor, captain, and dear friend. Never one to be idle, Joe had become an AKC Judge for his beloved Pe- kingese Breed, and was also an ac- complished writer, philanthropist, music producer, songwriter, singer, Tony Award Winning Broadway producer and devoted family mem- ber. With Duane he also was a Blue Ribbon winning breeder of milking shorthorn cattle. The body of work Joe leaves behind is nothing short of extraordinary. We feel that the best way to honor his stag- gering legacy is to keep moving for- ward his mission of championing the dog show world he loved. Index to Advertisers TNT All-Breed System TNT Breed System National Owner Handled System Top Toys Rates

TOP NOTCH TOYS is published twelve times per year by AraMe- dia Group, Inc. PO Box 18567, Tampa, FL 33679. Postage paid at Omaha, Nebraska. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the express writ- ten permission of the editor. The opinions expressed in this publica- tion either editorially or in advertis- ing copy are those of the authors and do not necessarily constitute endorsement by the publishers. The editor reserves the right to reasonably edit all copy submitted. All articles become the property of the publishers. Subscription price for third class service in the United States: $75.00. Canadian and U.S. First Class: $110.00. Overseas rates upon request. Inquiries to: Michael R. Veras, COO, AraMedia Group Inc., PO Box 18567, Tampa FL 33678512 686 3466 ext 105 or Joe is survived by: his brother Ch McGinnis (Patty); sisters Eliza Strodman (Tom), Mary McGi and Barbara ‘Totsy’ Moake (R partner Zell von Pohl an. mu nieces, nephews, grand-nieces grand nephews. Joe was precede death by his parents, Joseph, Sr. Harriet Mae (Birmingham) Mc nis, and husband, Duane Doll. Our hearts go out to all of them a difficult time—and to Joe’s vas tended family of friends throug the dog show world, entertainmen dustry and b yond. We knowmany of you reading this want to help us pay tribute to Joe his astounding legacy. Next mo our April Issue will be a celebr of his life. We invite all of you to part. Please contact Editor & Ad tising Director Bonnie Guggen for details at (512) 971-3280. Sincerely, The AraMedia Publishing Group Family

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