Top Notch Toys - March 2020

with a Min Pin, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Miniature Pin- schers look frail, but they really are very sturdy. I caution you with young dogs, 3-9 months, as they really do think they are invincible, and can jump off things like they are ‘Super- man’, and while their growth plate in their legs is still growing, they can be broken if hit just right. When in exer- cise pens they remind people of pogo sticks, how they can jump 24"+ verti- cally, many times jumping out of the pen. So always have your eye on the x-pen when you are exercising them!

Min Pins are very smart. They ex- cel in obedience, rally, nosework and agility. They love to have a ‘job’ to do. The CGC test is a great place to start with a Min Pin. You need to find a good training center that will help you train yourMin Pin. Training your Min Pin in conformation is not as easy as it looks either. A Min Pin can be unpredictable. I recall a few years back of a professional handler that wanted a nice smooth coated toy dog to show, a Min Pin he thought might be nice. He acquired one to show and found that what they were lacking for

in grooming preparation to show, they made up for in their showmanship, which was not easy. They are like a flea on a leash. You never know what they are going to do. He was humbled by the experience and had respect for those who dared to handle them. We who are Min Pin fanciers love the fact that they are unpredictable, smart, cuddly, great watch dogs all in a small neat package. They are a fun dog to own, but not for everyone. If you own a Min Pin you must be pre- pared for all the fun, you are about to embark upon!

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