Top Notch Toys - March 2020

time you spend with your best friend. I am so glad I didn’t let the limitations I had in my mind about Pomeranians

Scent Work Master title. She was once again the first Pomeranian and First Toy Breed to earn it. Summing her record up she was the first Po- meranian and First Toy Breed to earn the SWN, First Pomeranian to earn SWA, SWE, and of course SWM. “Scent Work gives your dog a job and dogs are happier and healthier when they have a job,”. It also gives your pup a good mental workout—Bella always gets a little pep in her step and a smile on her face whenever she’s on the hunt for a scent. “Humans and dogs need to keep mentally active to stay young.” I have started my ten-year-old three and a half poundPomeranian in Scent Work and he is already doing so well. Any dog with a sense of smell can play this game. There are many deaf and blind dogs rocking Scent Work. This is a sport that gives many dogs that can’t do others because of age or phys- ical limitations a game to play with their best friend. The confidence and fun these dogs get is a sight to behold. It is so good for dogs with low confi- dence, it builds as they learn the game and learn to tell you what they’ve found. Remember, they are the boss in this game. If you are looking for a game/sport to play with your dog, no matter the size or physical restrictions (there are dogs in wheelchair carts that play!) Even if deaf or blind, give scent work or nose work a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the memories you will make and the

Master Buried for the next morn- ing and she went in and found a hide, stood and sniffed the air and walked over to me and stood next to me and sighed. I asked her are you sure, then closed my eyes said “Trust your dog,” and called, “Finished”. To my amaze- ment we had earned our first Master Buried Q. We went straight over to the next Master Buried and started that search. Again, Bella went out and quickly alerted, I called alert and re- warded her for the find. She sniffed around and started toward me like she was done. I was thinking there is no way there is only one hide again. So, I told her to go out to the back and look. She was not amused, as she walked to the back she would stop and look over her shoulder at me. When she got to the back of the search area she stopped again, and I pointed to the other side saying look over there. She just sat down and did the grumble of an angry Pom. I closedmy eyes said “Trust your dog!” And called “Fin- ished”, she was right, and we now had two for two Master Buried Q’s. The very next weekend we were in our lo- cal trial and I we did Master Buried for the third try hoping to earn the title. Once again, I had to trust Bella, it was once again only one hide. She earned her Master Buried title in threetries in the ground. I was and am so proud of how amazing she was at this. On July 13th, 2019 Bella became the 17th dog in the country to earn the

doing this sport. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories of my Bella and I enjoying life to the fullest. I started Scent Work so Bella could have something to do while she was in rehab from her injury, we continued it because she loved it. She went on to be the “Dog in White” AKA Demo dog used to be sure that the hides could be found. People would see her com- ing and think a Pomeranian? Really? Then when they would see her work, they would cheer for her and com- ment, “did you see her work that?” She was a sight to behold. Bella left this world January 30th, 2020 after a weekend of being the Demo Dog and spending the weekend playing withmommy. We will all miss the “Scent Work Princess” and her brothers will be picking up where she left off playing this fun filled bonding game. Always remember to “Cherish the Moments”. “SHE EARNED HER MASTER BURIED TITLE IN 3 TRIES IN THE GROUND. I WAS AND AM SO PROUD OF HOW AMAZING SHE WAS AT THIS.”

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