Top Notch Toys - March 2020

Even though their size has been di- minished 25%, their character has re- mained pure. They continue to have a strong pack mentality, use their voic- es to warn, stand loyal to their own- ers, protect what they feel is theirs to protect and have stamina and enthu- siasm for what they are involved in well beyond what you would expect for their diminutive size.

Pomeranians contain a “joie de vivre” and transfer that attitude to all who are around them. They are natural born comedians, are very busy dogs and as a group, can amuse themselves for hours. Toys are at the center of the games they play, but not always a necessary ingredient. They can make a game out of just about anything or out of nothing at all. Chase games are

a huge source of entertainment in the Pom community. One will appear to be “it” and then the roles will switch. They can go on like that until exhaus- tion sets in, and then it will be nap time for all. As an owner of any dog comes respon- sibility. As an owner of a Pomeranian, there are the same responsibilities and more. Their small size requires >

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