Showsight May 2021


Where did you grow up? I was born in Manhattan and grew up in The Bronx, in a neighborhood that lent itself to playing stickball, hopscotch, and staying outside until your mom called you in for dinner. A warm, friendly neighborhood that was home to many future nota- bles. Going to private school in Manhattan, running through Central Park from the East Side to the West Side without a care in the world, is something our children, sadly, will never be able to appreciate. Do you come from a doggy family? If not, how did the interest in breeding and show- ing purebred dogs begin? The answer to this is simple… NO, I do not come from a dog family at all. I can- not remember a time when I didn’t say to myself, “When I grow up and leave this house, I will buy a dog.” And so I did, from Poodles to Dachshunds to Old English Sheepdogs. Then, when I was in Stuttgart, Germany, judging a gymnastics meet, I saw a woman walking two white dogs. I went over to ask her about them. Between my broken German and her broken English, I found out the breed... Bichon Frise. When I got back to the States, I went to a dog show, talked with breeders, learned about the breed, competitions, and commitment. This just sparked my interest. I loved the idea of being competitive, and so I jumped in with both feet. Who were your mentors in the sport? Doris Hyde of Dove Cote Bichons. Dear, sweet, patient Doris answered every question I had... and I had many. I asked her where she got her start and who her mentors were. What did showing involve? How does the point system work? What is an owner handler? What is a professional handler? Where do I go to learn how to handle? Will you help me whelp my first litter? How do you keep a Bichon’s face white? And the ultimate question.... how do you housebreak a Bichon?


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