Showsight Presents The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog


vidence has shown that the white Spitz dog was brought over to the US with some of the first settlers. The major- ity of dogs during the early times had


to work for a living. The white Spitz was no exception. It worked the farms as a herder, guardian, vermin catcher, and sometimes it even accompanied hunting trips for the family dinner. Times were lean, and the dog occasion- ally was expected to supply its own source of protein. The larger dogs were kept outside as herders, guardians, and workers. The smaller dogs were brought into the home as companions and vermin catchers; but if asked to, they could perform the jobs that the larger dogs did. The breed was bred to be a multi-purpose working dog of the farm.

Nice Toy, ears well placed, correct eye, nice length of neck. Correct breed type. Would like to see more rear angulation, longer second thigh.

Dog is showing correct sidegate according to the standard. Feet are meeting under the body and are only lifted high enough to clear the ground. Note the same distance between the front two legs as there is between the rear two.

Correct head study, muzzle balances with backskull, eyes are wide set, correct shape, ears conform to head size, bridge of nose is flat, high foreface, nice expression.


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