Showsight Presents The American Eskimo Dog



By Debbie Mitchell

he American Eski- mo Dog is a small to medium-size Nordic dog. Th ere are three separate size divisions of the American Eski-

reach and drive appears below as Figure 1. Please note that the dog’s front foot is even with the end of his nose. Th is indi- cates correct lay back of the shoulder and a deep chest giving this dog the ability to reach correctly. Depth of chest extends approximately to point of elbows, Th e rear foot is o ff the ground showing the dog’s ground covering ability as well as his driv- ing ability. Th is also illustrates well angu- lated hindquarters and well bent sti fl es. As speed increases, the American Eskimo Dog will single track with the legs con- verging toward the center of gravity while the back remains fi rm, strong and level. Gait is a very important aspect of the American Eskimo Dog. A judge should know that the animal should single track and look for the best specimen that con- forms to the standard. When judging the American Eskimo Dog, a judge should always keep the breed standard in mind, whether it be a toy, miniature or a standard. Breed type is always important, but a judge must remember that structure and movement are part of breed type. Th ey must also take into consideration that a dog that appears beautiful and typey standing still might be a totally di ff erent type once the judge sees the dog moving.

mo Dog, Toy (9 inches up to and includ- ing 12 inches), Miniature (over 12 inches up to and including 15 inches) and Stan- dard (over 15 inches up to and including 19 inches)—all measurements are height at the withers. All judges should remember that there should be NO PREFERENCE for size, but that every size presented must conform to the breed standard. A judge should be prepared to see all sizes together in his or her ring as the American Eskimo Dog is not separated into varieties except in open classes in specialties or in open classes in which a club has been requested to separate the sizes and has agreed to do so. A good example of a miniature Ameri- can Eskimo Dog. Th e American Eskimo Dog is a multi- purpose working farm dog. A judge should be looking for a dog that is well-balanced, that trots, but does not pace, is agile and can cover the most ground e ff ortlessly. Th e dog should appear to fl oat with excel- lent reach and drive. A good example of

Toy American Eskimo

Fig. 1

“GAIT IS A VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG. A judge should know that the animal should single track and look for the best specimen that conforms to the standard.”

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