Showsight Presents The American Eskimo Dog

does not assume the position of pack lead- er, the Eskie will. Eskies are fast, agile, strong and inde- pendent. Th ey have a close bond with humans in general and enjoy human com- panionship. Th ey have a strong desire to please and are quick to learn, but at the same time are not a needy breed. Th ey are an extremely intelligent, thinking breed and can compare themselves to Houdini in escaping if the desire is there. Eskies love the water! Th ey take to water naturally and if they are around water, you will fi nd them in it. Th ey are noted to paddle water out of their dishes, leaving themselves and everything around them wet. Th ey enjoy doing things with you, but enjoy their own time to do their “doggy things”. Th ey enjoy playing with other dogs and get along well, although intact male dogs, on the whole, will not get along. Bitches will get along, but there is one now and then that will wish to chal- lenge for dominance. Eskies are a Primitive breed. Th is means that many of the natural instincts of the breed are strong. Intact male dogs will breed very early, on their own, without assistance and without your approval. Bitches are as adamant to fi nd a mate when they are ready as the boys are. Th ey will usually breed naturally, without intervention. Eskie bitches are known to be some of the best mothers in the dog world. Th ey will normally whelp without incident, prefer to whelp without assistance and are extremely attentive to their young. If a puppy happens to crawl behind them, they know. Th ey will get up, pick the puppy up and put it where it should be. If left to, they will wean on their own, usually by 8 weeks. Th ey begin when the puppies are between 5 to 6 weeks of age and will have the process completed by 8 weeks of age. Th ere are some mothers that may be a bit slower and others quicker. Th ey do enjoy play- ing, being with and teaching their young after weaning. Th ere is a tremendous amount, including canine social behav- ior, that they will teach their young if left with them after the weaning process has been completed. 4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& " 6(645 t

standard was changed to denote the two sizes by height. In 1995, AKC recognized the breed as the American Eskimo Dog and divided it into 3 Divisions: Standard, Miniature and Toy. Open classes only can be divided. Since that time, there has been extensive research on the breed, its history, where it came from and the original purpose of the breed. Research has found that the Eskie was bred to be a multipurpose

working dog of the farm. It was used in herding, vermin catching, a form- able watchdog, did some hunting and was an excellent companion for the chil- dren. In the United States the breed was used in the same manner that it was used in Europe. Th e American Eskimo being one of the Nordic breeds, has a strong pack instinct. Th ere must be a pack leader within those that it perceives is in its pack. If the owner

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