Showsight Presents The American Eskimo Dog


The American Eskimo Dog has a distinct coat pattern. It is more noticeable on dogs than bitches.

There is to be NO trimming of the body coat, and such trimming WILL be severely penalized. We do not want a sculpted dog. Temperament is important. The American Eskimo Dog is a very intel- ligent, dog. He/she is very willing to

The American Eskimo Dog will single-track when moving away.

Eskies are excellent jumpers!

learn whatever is being taught. They are not a “needy” dog. They, like most Nordic breeds, must have pack order. Some- one must be the pack leader or the dog will assume this posi- tion. They get along well with children, if raised properly with them. They get along with other dogs in their pack. They do have prey drive... so to small running animals or objects they will give chase. They have a natural protective instinct, but will easily learn what is appropriate to sound a warning to—and what is not. Eskie mothers are some of the best mothers in the dog world. They are easy breeders, on the whole, though there are always exceptions to the rule. But, generally, bitches breed very well. They also whelp very well, and prefer to do it all themselves. Even first-time mothers are known to whelp an entire litter of six without issue. Of course, there are always the exceptions, as stated earlier, but on the whole, they are great in the whelping box. They are great, attentive moth- ers, and if left with their puppies, will usually wean puppies themselves by eight weeks. The boys are also easy breeders, even their first time, and it is not unusual for older sires to breed naturally. All in all, the American Eskimo Dog is a breed that is well-balanced, sound-structured, a good trotting dog, intel- ligent, with a strong natural desire to please without being needy. They are a relativity healthy breed, living well into their teens. They are one of the “primitive” breeds, so many natural instincts are keen. There are downsides, however, as there are with all breeds. I would say that their biggest down- side is their desire to have “pack order,” though I feel their good outweighs this shortcoming. They love humans, in general, and are loyal to “their” humans, as their owners are to them...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Diana Allen has been raising/showing American Eskimo Dogs for over 40 years under the Sierra® kennel name. Eskies has always been her passion. Along the way she have also raised/shown German Shepherd Dogs, Afghans, Basenjis, and a Golden, a Rottweiler, and a Malamute Her breeding program is ongoing, and never ending. Diana’s quest is that elusive, perfect creature, according to our Standard, that lives only in her head. Presently Diana is the President of the National American Eskimo Association, on the BOD for the American Eskimo Dog Club of America, and Judges Education Chairman for the AEDCA. She is an All- Breed UKC Senior Judge, and has judged several Specialty Matches with AKC. Her second passion is Animal Behavior, but limits herself to Dogs and large Cats. She also has a great passion for Canine Nutrition, and works for Nestle Purina, PetCare Co, in the Professional Engagement Breeder Team. Diana wants to see the American Eskimo to continue to improve, according to our breed standard. She feels temperament has improved greatly, and breeders continue to do so .Diana feels that Exhibitor/Breeder Education is as important as Judges Education as we need to educate those that make the dogs as well as those that judge them. They need to be in balance. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the shows!!


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