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BRAD ODAGIRI I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. After we got married we owned several homes. Our current residence of over 30 years sits on a ridge in Honolulu that we designed and built. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Diamond Head and the neighboring island of Molokai. Fam- ily has always been very precious to me and as the head of the household I try to my best to fill that role. We have one son, Tyson, and his two teenagers, our grandchildren that we are very proud of their academic accomplishments. It is now Arlene and I, and I love her dearly for who she is. She is very patient, understanding and supportive of me and my crazy endeavors. I really appre- ciate her for being there and sharing her life with me. Every night after she comes home from work, we go out to din- ner to spend time together. I am also very involved with dog clubs. I am the president of the Poodle Club of Hawaii, Vice- President of the Toy group club and a member of the two all- breed clubs on Oahu: Hawaiian Kennel Club and West Oahu Kennel Club. We have continuously shown at every show in Hawaii and finished over 60 Poodles (Toys and Miniatures). I’ve never stopped showing dogs since our first AKC entry in 1976. Our dogs are always owner-handled and groomed by us. We do all the daily maintenance and have never hired any outside help. I had always wanted to judge, however; with a family, a professional and demanding career and a hobby of a high maintenance breed, I could not add more. When I was contemplating my career retirement, in 2012 I submitted my breed judging application and was approved. Currently, I have all the Toy breeds and Group. I am now focusing on the Non-Sporting breeds. JOHNNY SHOEMAKER I live in Las Vegas, Nevada after living in Culver City, California for 44 years. I am retired from Smith Barney after being employed by them and other investment firms for 38 years. I collect signed books and most often go to book signings. I also collect “old time” movie memorabilia, most- ly Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. I have a room in our home dedicated to them. I also love to watch great movies on TCM and listen to old time radio shows. I have been in dogs for 50 years and spent about 30 years as an exhibitor/breeder of Poodles. I started judging in 2001 and started off with Poodles only. I now have almost three groups.

I have lived in Miami since 1959 after leaving my native Cuba following Cas- tro’s Communist dictatorship govern- ment takeover. I’m now retired from a career in Financial Management of companies in the field of Construction. I have dedicated myself to detailed oil paintings of dogs, primarily show dogs. I showed a dog for the first time as an

eight year old in 1948, so I have been in the sport for 68 years. Throughout my teen years my mother and I showed two different Poodles we had purchased to all-breed Best in Show wins in Cuba, Mexico and in the US but I became a hobby breeder/owner/handler in 1960 and con- tinued breeding and showing with my wife, Maria, until I obtained my judge’s license over 30 years ago. We were among the few who believed that judges that campaign dogs enjoy an unfair competitive advantage in the ring. We felt there was little more for us to achieve in these endeav- ors to justify the efforts involved, paired with the pressures inherent in a demanding professional career and raising a family, so we discontinued breeding and showing in 1985. We continued to offer at stud a Top Producing dog of ours until he stopped producing six years later. JORDAN CHAMBERLAIN I live in Apollo Beach, Florida. I have worked for Sodexo, a global company for 22 years. My first litter was born in 1976, but I went to my first show in 1968. I have judged the breed since 1992. DORIS COZART

I live in Denton, Texas—a college town north of Fort Worth. I am active in our church and belong to several woman’s clubs supporting education. Also a great wine club! I’ve been in the dog world for many years, having dogs since I was a young girl. I’ve been show- ing for about 20 years and judging for 25 years.

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