Showsight Presents The Bouvier Des Flanders


Bouviers are dogs that like to think that it was their idea to do something. So you need to know your dog very well and be one step ahead of him and be creative in having your dog do what you want them to do but let them think it is their idea. If properly socialized and a strong bond made from an early age with your Bouvier then you can be sure that your dog is learn- ing the trait of reading situations. Th ey are great readers and can naturally detect when danger is present. Th is is not some- thing that needs to be taught. A great example of this is a true story. A girl raised her Bouvier right by giving him lots of socialization. She took him to work with her everyday and the dog attended

meetings and traveled with her all over the country. He was always well behaved and friendly, quiet and calm. By the time the male Bouvier was 5 years old the girl gave up ever thinking that the dog would be protective. She had hoped he would be because she was single and active and wanted to be able to count on the dog if the situation came up that she needed him. Two weeks after his 5th birthday she was on her way home from a meeting and stopped for gas. She was driving her Porsche and the dog, of course, was with her in the back seat. While she was pump- ing gas and washing the windshield a man came over and asked her for money. When she told him “no” he walked around

behind the pumps and came towards her from behind the car waiving his fi sts and screaming obscenities at her and demand- ing money. When he came closer to the girl, the dog fl ew out of the window leap- ing at the man and used his head to the chest to push him up against the gas pump. Th e dog sat up close right in front of him and stared. When the man tried to get away, the dog immediately raised up on his hind legs and again butted him with his head to the chest and against the pumps. Th is time he sat closer with a very low growl. By that time the police arrived and walked over got the handcu ff s out and the dog stepped aside letting the o ffi - cer take the man away. While the o ffi cers

Photo courtesy of Judy Casper.

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