Showsight Presents The Bouvier Des Flanders

CONs • Lots of grooming • Th ings stick to the coat • Beards get wet while drinking and they shake all over • If you are gone to long, they may get bored and boredom can make for trou- ble such as digging, chewing, or bark- ing or maybe some sort of destruction • Without proper training and direction they will try to take over the house and may become unruly • Needs to be exercised • Th e Bouvier is a big dog and takes up space in the house and car PROs • Loyal • Easy to train • Good with children, good family dogs • Protective • Calm and quiet indoors • Versatile and can be trained for almost anything • Sensible and thinks on his own • Good memory for commands and people • Does not shed the way you normally think of shedding but you will fi nd pu ff s of hair to pick up

Photo courtesy of Judy Casper.


Cindi Stumm and Fritz Dilsaver have been actively breed- ing, training and showing the Bouvier for over 40 years.

talked to the girl about what happened they told her how impressed they were with the dog and asked where she had had him trained? Th ey used to work allot with the Bouviers and missed the breed. She laughed and said she had only taken him to puppy kindergarten classes. Th at story shows one of the wonderful characteristics of the Bouvier. It demon- strates that the Bouvier will do whatever it takes to take care of the situation, no more and no less! Th e Bouvier is a very multifunctional dog and has been used for many purposes in the lives of the people that own them. Th ey have been used in police and military work, watchdogs and family guardians.

Th ey have also been used as service dogs and search and rescue dogs. Th eir qualities can be used to participate in competitions or real life work in herding, tracking, and carting. Th ey compete in many levels of obedience, agility and protection sports. Th e Bouvier is not one for exercising himself. He will wait to go with you on a walk or out to play with him. Th ey need regular exercise, but if you don’t take him out they will be happy just laying around waiting. Once you get them out they are happy to be out to exercise. Before making a decision to own a Bou- vier it is important to talk to good, long time breeders and evaluate if you are the right owner for a Bouvier.

Th ey are an AKC Breeder of Merit and use the prefix ARISTES for their two breeds the Bouviers and the Black Russian Terriers. ARISTES means Protector God of Hunter and Herdsman. Th ey are very passionate about the breed and are always available to help anyone who may have questions or need their help of any kind. When breed- ing they pay special attention to tempera- ment and health issues. Th ey have traveled all over the world showing their dogs. Th eir dogs have won National specialties and Best In Shows in many countries and have won special honors over the years. Th ey love the breed and can’t imagine living without a Bouvier in their lives.

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