Showsight Presents the Dachshund

From Mrs. Sharon MacDonald Breeder-Owner handled Conforma- tion, Obedience, Rally, Agility; and Performance; Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds “I always like to think that Dachshunds chose me. I have fallen in love with two strong characteristics of the Dachshund: (1) Th e diversity of what they can do, and (2) the challenge to train them to do it. Th e Dachshund successfully complete is conformation, obedience, rally, agility field trials and EarthDog. My two present competition dogs have advance titles in five di ff erence AKC events. I am very proud to say that my youngest recently became the 8th Dachshund to achieve a triple championship, earning championships in conformation, field, and agility. I enjoy a good challenge, and training a Dachshund is certainly that! At nearly every turn I have to be smarter than my dogs. I have to outwit and often outlast them... and the victory of training a behavior becomes much sweeter. Regarding a rather large tattoo of Maggie, the Dachshund that opened the word of competition to me, people have asked me, ‘So what if you change breeds?’ What a silly question! Change breeds? Never going to happen! No breed can o ff er me the diversity and challenge (and entertainment) of my Dachshunds.”

“[DACHSHUNDS] LIVE FOR A BLISSFULLY LONG TIME, always smoothing the rough edges of ones life.”

From Mrs. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero AKC and International Dog Judge, Breeder-Owner, Conformation; Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds and Basset Hounds “In my case, choosing the Dachshund was not diff icult. I was in Basset Hounds for many years, and as time passed and my dogs and I got older, I started think- ing about a breed with the same ‘format’ – low to the ground, long body, but easi- er to lift and carry and with a little more sparkle in them. While judging, Wire Dachshunds got my attention. A good friend of mine, Carlos Del Torre, used to handle a mini wire that was bought by somebody who thought he would do BIG winning with him. Not being the case, as you know it is very diff icult to win BIG with Dachshunds. He left the dog with the handler with instructions to sell him and recover his fees and boarding expenses. My friend, who has a heart as big as he is, gave him to me, fulf illing my longing for a Dachshund. The dog went back to the States and f inished his American title and will turn 12 years old in February. He has had a good life and is the king among my other Dachshunds.” From Mrs. Valerie Diker Owner and Breeder of Dikerdachs Miniature Longhair Dachshunds “Dachshunds have always been my favorite breed of dog. Th ey are funny, curious, smart, brave, loyal and a ff ectionate. Th eir dry pink tongues are likely to leave wet streaks in unlikely

places: inside the ears, nose, between bare toes, anywhere will do to for them to express their unconditional a ff ection. Th eir self-estimate of their size is often exaggerated. Fearless, they will approach huge dogs to greet and play, they will attempt any task daunting to larger dogs without hesitation. I have always owned Dachshunds. As a child, when I had children and now that I’m an ‘empty nester’ I have ten! Each dog is unique in personality and in looks, while conforming closely to the Mini Dachshund Standard. Anyone who wants holes dug in their yard should hire a Dachshund. If they su ff er from gaggles of geese landing on their lawn they should call on a Dachshund. One miniature Dachshund can scatter twenty geese, each goose their same size, by racing towards them without a sound, like a missile shot from a cannon. Dachshunds travel easily. Th ey are curious and restrained in a carrier. Th ey are always thrilled not to be left behind. With careful breeding, restrained feeding, lots of exercise and no unsupervised jumping, Dachshunds will be with you for at least 17 years, 19 in my experience. They live for a blissfully long time, always smoothing the rough edges of ones life. Dachshunds also make very successful therapy dogs. When their warm body slips onto your lap and they put their sweet face up against your chest, waiting for a kiss on their forehead, who wouldn’t feel the sun come out?”

“I enjoy a good challenge, AND


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