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life is one of their most endearing traits. Th ey are playful, curious, loyal and a ff ec- tionate. Tiding up and minimal grooming is appropriate for the Russell, any form of sculpting is to be severely penalized, i.e. no back combed legs, flu ff ed chalked furnish- ings and no skirts are allowed. Th e American Russell Terrier Club respectfully requests that judges keep the traditional Russell hunt terrier alive and well for future generations. Th e Amplified Breed Standard including movement vid- eos can be accessed at http://www.theartc. org/the-artc-amplified-study-guide.html. Judging Priorities Size: 10"-12", no fudging! Please measure. Pro fi le: Rectangular. Measuring from point of shoulder to point of buttock. Height Proportion: 50/50 leg to body proportion- no 60/40 or 70/30. Spannable: Chest-oval, Size-14"-15" (or smaller), Compressible- squeeze top to bottom. Wedge Shaped Head: Strong muz- zle, slightly shorter than the back scull, definite stop. Bite: scissor preferred, level acceptable. Black nose: fully pigmented. Dark eyes: oval shaped, no light or yellow close set eyes. Ears: dropped/button, set level to back-scull, slightly higher when alert, no hound ears. Body: lithe, flexible, smooth muscle tran- sitions, no thick set over muscled bodies. Topline: level or nearly level with slight rise over the loin which is felt rather than seen. Tuck-up: moderate Chest: never hangs below the elbow. Gait: Lateral with equal each to equal drive; no hackney or goose stepping allowed. Coming/Going is double track- ing or parallel. Coat: smooth, broken, rough, no preference. All must have undercoat and harsh-weatherproof jacket. Color: Tan/white, black/white, tri-col- ored, no preference for coat or markings. Must be at least 51% white. Sculpting/over grooming: to be severe- ly penalized, NOT to be rewarded. No back combed legs or chalked furnishings.

Achondroplasia: any dwarf character- istic is to be severely penalized, NOT to be rewarded.

judges’ educational Cds and a hunting Cds for breed clubs. I have written mul- tiple breed articles for periodicals and judges associations, as well as the North American Hunting Section for the “Ulti- mate Jack Russell”. My service over the years to the Sport of Dogs includes the continuation of the JRT/PRT Register of Health and Merit sponsored by the Blue Grass Parson Rus- sell Terrier Club I currently serve as web master of the above as well as Earthwork- ers Unlimited and the Lexington Kennel Club and my own Corn Row Kennel web site. I currently sit as an Officer on 3 dif- ferent dog club boards. My resume includes a Master’s Degree in Education and Fine/Commercial Art. I taught school for a few years before leav- ing to pursue my own interests. I operated Corn Row Studios, as a professional art- ist I specialized in fine Portraiture, I also produced many limited edition bronzes, prints and notes cards. Currently I am employed as a Manufacture Reprehensive for a Corporation producing goods for the construction Industry. This gives me ample time to pursue my interests in the Sport of Dogs. I have dedicated myself to the excellence of my own terriers in health, temperament, conformation and the abil- ity to perform the job for which they were bred. My motto has always been…Show Dogs Must Hunt and Hunt Dogs Must Show. I hold that motto dear and the best way, in my view, to instill this simple phi- losophy to others is through education and leading by example.

Major Breed Problems

Over 12"/Under 10" height Proportions contrary to breed type: square profiles and 60/40 or 70/30 height proportions Achondroplastic characteristics also contrary to correct breed type: benched or Queen Ann legs, thick set/ over mus- cled bodies, over-sized heads, chests below the elbow, unspannable chests. Sculpting/over grooming: back combed legs and flu ff ed furnishings Eyes: yellow, close set eyes. Coat: soft linty top coats, no undercoats Muzzles: snippy muzzles. BIO I started my career in Jack Russell Ter- riers in the late 1980’s through my asso- ciation with the JRTCA where I served as a “B” Working Judge(Go-to-Ground) and an “A” Working Judge(natural hunting to formidable quarry). During that time I introduced many owners and their dogs to the hunt field, certifying them to their natural hunting certificates and hunted with many English huntsman, home and abroad. I also exhibited in the conforma- tion ring regularly, carrying multiple dogs to Best Working Terrier awards. In 1997 I was awarded The JRTCA National Working Terrier Conformation Terrier Championship with my foundation dog, Corn Row Tyler, a Parson Russell terrier, which I had bred. My second breed is the Russell Terrier and I’ve finished my first bitch which has been awarded Best Bred- By at Eukanuba 2 years in a row. After leaving the JRTCA, I became active in the JRTAA, the AKC, the UKC and the ARBA venues, completing at least two championships in each of two separate registries on the same 30 plus dogs in a 10 year period. I have become a confor- mation judge in the AKC, the UKC and other venues where I judge regularly. I have presented my breed at Westminster, the International and many other Judges Education Seminars, including advanced Terrier institutes. I have authored several


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