Showsight Presents the Standard Schnauzer

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once more to a top German sire. From her litter came two dogs that would make major contributions to the breed, both here and in Europe: Int. Chs. Fürst and Flicka von Hahlweg. Black Standard Schnauzers first arrived on this continent when Ch. Brock v. Lubich was imported in 1935. He became the first AKC black champion and was the sire of both black and pepper and salt champions, including several for Wina- lesby. Interestingly, Brock was, through a black daughter, the great-grandsire of Ch. Chief of Sta ff . Th e breed was evolving quickly as breed- ers utilized these imports to develop dis- tinct American lines. Dogs of the 30s and 40s were approaching modern type, and the best dogs of the 1950s, such Ch. Roberto’s Conquistador, winner of the 1958 SSCA National (see Figure 8) would hold their own today. Breeders were striving for short- er, more robust bodies with the angulation and movement correct for a working breed. !"#$%&'()*$+ Th e final decades of the 20th century saw the emergence of a new kennels, many still active today. Two imports and a home-bred were among the show stars of the period. Int. Ch. Pavo de la Steingasse, a Swiss black imported by Margaret Smith,

won the SSCA National in 1970 and 1971 but topped that with an historic Group First at the 1971 Westminster. Th e Adel’s home-bred, Ch. Charisma Café Diable (see Figure 9), was a multiple BIS winner of the late 70s and early 80s; he is a direct descendent of Ch Pfe ff er von Volken on both his sire and dam’s side. Th e second import soared to even greater heights— Ch. Parsifal di Casa Netzer, an Italian dog bred by Gabrio Del Torre and owned by him and Rita Holloway, won Best in Show at Westminster in 1997. “Pa” amassed an enviable show record, and is in fact one of the top Working Dog winners in AKC his- tory. In the decades following, a number of Standards have been consistent Group and Best in Show winners; all trace their ancestry directly back to the top winners and producers of the last century. While breeders continue to import dogs from abroad, American-breds also have gone back “across the pond” to make their mark as show dogs and producers. Standard Schnauzers have fortunately not evolved into distinct “American” and “European” types, although we do disagree on groom- ing! (What the impact of tail-docking bans will have in the future is, at present, unknown.) Th e annual AKC registration of Standard Schnauzers remains stable at about 600 a year, with active breeders throughout

the country. Th e breed remains one domi- nated by the small owner-breeder-exhibitor, continuing the Standard Schnauzer’s role, through the centuries, as a hardy, reliable, a ff ectionate and trustworthy family dog. !"#"$"%&"'( !"# $%&'()*+(,-# ./0%11"# !234"# !"#$ %&'()$ *+($ ,+(#-#$ .*+(#$ "+$ ,//#+$ 01-#+$ 2#-1&/34"55#+6$ 7/4 -#5(,'%16" 4"# 5%77%1+-# ./0%11"# !889# 81#$ 9:-/($ :;$ <=1+&*>#-5? #:7;)1(# <&=7)>%+)/1*-# ?/@(7%1A#BC"# 4DE#;;" 3"# F+%1A%,A# F>01%&G(,# B7&=# /H# :'(,)>%-# I1>"# <:*-=#$@::A$2 #J4D!DK"#<%+#?/'=%,A)-#LA)+/,-#MEM# ;;"#NNN"*+%1A%,A*>01%&G(,"/,O"# BIO Gail B. Mackiernan got her first Stan- dard Schnauzer in 1959, as a birthday present. He was also her first Champion (as well as the victim of many grooming experi- ments) and the foundation of Katahdin Standards Schnauzers. Twelve generations on, Gail has no plans to retire, although she now breeds infrequently. She is currently Breed Education chair for the Standard Schnauzer Club of America, as well as cur- rent 1st Vice-President for that organiza- tion. She did the artwork for the breed’s award-winning “Illustrated Standard” in 1973 and over the years, has contributed to many other materials for SSCA breed and judges education. Gail is also one of the founders of the Potomac Valley SS Club (in 1962) as well as past President.


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