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IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : Length of body comprises at least 110 to 115 % of height at withers.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Recognized working dog with versatile usage. Kind and even disposition. Has protective instinct, self-confidence and ability to take stress; of medium temperament; combined with a very good nose. His balanced body proportions and special devotion to his family make him an outstanding companion, watch, guard, tracking and rescue-dog. HEAD : The nasal bridge is straight and parallel to the skull. Muzzle and skull are of about the same length. The skin of the head fits tightly.

CRANIAL REGION: Skull: The powerful head has a broad, rounded forehead. Stop: Well visible.

FACIAL REGION: Nose: Nostrils well developed. In black/gold and black dogs pigmentation is black; in blond dogs it is black; « snow nose » (temporary loss of pigmentation) accepted. Muzzle: Strong, tapering only slightly when seen from above and in profile. Lips: Fit tightly. Jaws/Teeth: Strong complete scissor bite with 42 teeth according to tooth formula. Teeth set square to the jaws. Pincer bite accepted.

EYES : Oval, neither protruding nor deep set. Colour: dark to medium brown. Eyelids fit tightly.

EARS : The loosely fitting triangular drop ears are set on high and wide apart, thus giving the optical illusion of broadening the skull. They reach in length to the corners of the mouth (labial commissure). Their tip is slightly rounded. When the dog is at ease they are kept hanging flat, when alert they may be carried directed slightly forward. Their front edge lies approximately halfway between eye and occiput.

FCI-St. N°190 / 25.09.1998

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