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H i! My name is Shad- ow and I represent the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, often called a PON because in Poland I was known as the Polski Owczarek Nizinny. It is believed that the earliest of my PON family came from dogs being bred in Asia. We were first mentioned in Poland in the 13th century. It was in the 16th century, however, when it is believed the breed was established. Two males and a female were exchanged with a Polish merchant who was in Scotland trading sheep, and for a ram and a ewe he obtained three PONS. Th e first PON was shown in Warsaw in 1924. My family nearly became extinct during WWII. Dr. Danuta Hryniewicz came to our rescue when her PON, Smok, is believed to have been “the father of the breed” when he was bred to six females, thus saving the breed. By the late 70s more PONS were spreading thru various coun- tries in Europe. Th ey first arrived in the

United States in 1979. Moira Morrison brought in the first PONS, but it was with the establishment of Elzbieta Kennels in 1982 by Betty and Kaz Augustowski that the breed gained popularity. Working with her husband and three other couples, a par- ent club was established. By 2001 we were formally welcomed into the herding group of AKC. Enough of this history stu ff .

often born dark, we will most often fade into a lighter color. All colors are accept- able: black, white, chocolate (only one to have a brown nose), black and white, cream, charcoal grey, etc. Spoiling me is easy cuz I am so cute, but that’s not good for my long term life as a human family member. I am extremely intelligent (even can herd with- out human intervention), loyal, protective,

“As an adult I am a medium-sized, compact, muscular long coated dog WHO WAS BRED TO BOTH PROTECT AND GUARD MY HERD.”

As an adult I am a medium-sized, com- pact, muscular long coated dog who was bred to both protect and guard my herd. However, as a puppy you would find me to be a soft, cuddly ball of fur. While we are

manipulative and can show a great sense of humor. I have an excellent memory. Th ree months later I can go back to visit and will remember where that kitten hid last time I saw it hide from me. While I might remain

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