Showsight Presents The American Eskimo Dog

Eskies are noted to be one of the rela- tively healthy breeds, with many living into their late teens. Th e average lifespan is 14-16. Th is is of course with proper regular Veterinary care and barring any accidents or illnesses. Th e oldest that I know of lived until he was 20 years of age. He was well up until his death. Eskies being a Nordic breed, have the typical double coat. It is a weather resis- tant coat that protects them from the cold, wind, rain and heat. It is white or white with biscuit and/or cream. Th is is very striking to their black lips, nose and eye rims. Th e length of the coat will vary from dog to dog and males will usually carry more coat than bitches. Th e quality of the coat is more important than the quantity. Th ey are a strong, powerful dog for their size. Th ey are a trotting breed with good ground covering gait. Tail is carried over the back, but may be dropped when at rest. Th eir expression is happy and intelligent. Eskies, like other breeds, are not with- out their downsides. Due to their natural protective instinct, they will warn you when a stranger is approaching, some feel too much so. On a scale of 0-10, with 10

being a dog that barks insatiable all the time, the average Eskie is a 5. Th ey can be territorial and fearless when another animal trespasses onto what they perceive is theirs or belongs to their master. Th eir pack instinct is strong and the human owner must always be the pack leader. Th eir double coat will shed in late spring and sometimes in the fall. Of course all dogs shed, so this is not necessarily a downside, more of a fact of dogs in general. Skies are a moderately active dog, so they

do need an outlet for their energy. Th ey need structure, boundaries, companion- ship and a job. Over the years, improvements to temperament, structure and type have been made. Today the Essie is a well- rounded dog, conf ident and still very intelligent. Skies excel in many ave- nues including herding, agility, obedi- ence, tracking, lure coursing, therapy, dock dog diving, Frisbee catching and service/therapy dog work.

“Skies are a moderately active dog, so they do need an outlet for their energy. THEY NEED STRUCTURE, BOUNDARIES, COMPANIONSHIP AND A JOB.”

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